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Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

To all who labor!

My husband is working this weekend, and today, he even traded weekends, because of the fabulous overtime! We are going to Williamsburg in a few weeks and this overtime will be helpful!

I dropped my son at work today, dropped off a notebook to our pastor's wife, who I am doing Apples of Gold with, and then meet my mom at the Candle Barn. I love to go to this store every season and see how they are decorating. They use interested things to display their candles.

I found some wonderful tea towels to use as a valance in my kitchen, and to use on my coffee table, got some delightful autumn colored, cinnamon scented candles, and an wrought iron wreath holder. Ahhh, I promised myself I wouldn't decorate for autumn so soon, but I got so inspired at the Candle Barn that I am doing just a little bit for now. Besides, when Apples of Gold starts on the 12th, I will have a warm and welcoming atmosphere in keeping with the season. Also, considering how busy I have been, I won't have to be in a rush to clean and get things spruced up the few days, before we start!!!!

Have a lovely day everyone!

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  1. I am so jealous...autumn is my favorite season. Living in northern FL we do experience a little bit of autumn. However, it is what you make it - and autumn is going to ours at the White house this year. :) The decorating has begun...thank you for the inspiration.


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