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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Home Improvement

I have my own "Tim, the Toolman," like the t.v. show "Home Improvement". My Tim can do just about anything. He does things with excellence too. We made the decision years ago to live debt free. So we don't do projects until we can pay for them. So our basement flooring project has been a long time coming! Our basement was such a mess when we bought our cottage! I won't go into the gory details, but we had to remove all the drywall, clean up mold, and pull out the carpet.

The drywall, was reinstalled several years ago, and we painted it a gorgeous red color. The floor was left cement, since we had no project money for flooring. Last year we painted the cement floor to seal it and give it a nicer look. Then a friend gave us laminate wood flooring remnants. We would need to use several colors to cover the basement floor, but it was free!! We needed to purchase the padding/vapor barrier before we could put the laminate down, so this project kept being put off due to lack of either time or funds.

However, this weekend, my husband decided this was the time to do it! We thought we could do it with 2 colors and started the pattern we had worked out, but then found we could not. So the flooring that was down had to be pulled back up (this is relatively easy as this is a tongue in groove/snap system, no glue), and a third color added. Below is a picture of the beginning stage of laying the flooring. You can see the cement floor.

Here is the finished floor! We need to add baseboard trim, and a threshold yet but we really like it. And best of all it cost us around $150.

We are so thankful!


  1. Great job Tim!! It looks like Kyle could have fun with cars on the different colors!

    I am thinking of putting in hardwood floors, is Tim available to help???

  2. Does that wood make me think...Bowling Alley? It looks really shiny. Can we come play?
    Sorry Dear Mrs. Rabe, I just couldn't resist.

    Great job and so creative too. The financial analyst in me is oh so proud of you both!

  3. Your hubby must be a lot like mine...resourceful and able!

    The flooring is *beautiful*!

  4. Wow, Aunt Deanna, the floor looks amazing! I really love the mixed colors! Really cool! Yay! for Uncle Tim!

  5. Fantastic design - you guys are so creative. It is so neat to see how the Lord rewards us when we do things His way. Patience really paid off - Wow! I remember the downstairs - prepaint even.

  6. Thank you all for the complements! I will pass them along to Tim!


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