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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Summer Begins


This is a momentous summer for our family. Kamryn will be a teenager in two weeks, Kyle started a full time job today, Sarah is headed to Canada on Thursday.

She is going to work at a summer camp that has a lot of First Nations kids who attend. She'll get to learn about a different culture, be exposed to a new language, Cree, help with evacuees from the fires plaguing Alberta, and at the end of summer, be in her college roommates' wedding.

As if that is not enough, construction will be starting in June, and my dad has his surgery on the 26th. 

I spent sometime late last night, praying and giving all of it to my God, my good, good Father. I'm anticipating seeing how He's going to use all of it in our lives. For I know that all, both good and hard, will be for our benefit.

We had a really fun time at my in laws house yesterday.

My niece Jennifer, and her husband, Emmanuel had never played Corn Hole before. It was fun to watch him tease her. They have been married just about 2 years now. He speaks French and Jula, and she is fluent in both of those languages, as well as about three other languages. She is working on another one, also. God has gifted her with an ability to learn languages.

It was funny yesterday when she was interpreting for Emma, she was telling us what he'd said, and she stopped and asked us, in English, "Is 'marches' an English word?" She's pretty amazing.

We have been blessed by the sons in law we have. Kyle knows Wes the best because they've spent the most time together. They also both like memes, and board games.

Our weather was beautiful, the food was good, and it was a treat to be together.

We are beginning to plan a family reunion for the weekend after Thanksgiving. All of Tim's siblings will be here, and most of the kids and grands. It gets harder to find a schedule that works for everyone, and one of the kids and her family live in Alaska! That's not a trip you make for a long weekend! Thankfully, we saw them last year, at Tim's mom's memorial service. 

I'm getting ready to go sit outside for my daily dose of sunshine! How about you? What are you up to?

Monday, May 29, 2023



Happy Memorial Day! 

I'm so grateful for those who served and gave their lives in the service of their nation. 

Today we are going to Tim's brother's home for a cook out. This is special because we are often not on the same continent. We also get to meet our nieces' husband. He is from Burkina Faso.

On Saturday, I bought more strawberries from an Amish stand, I'm using them today. Delicious with cake and whipped cream.

We also changed out the bedding on our bed for summer. 

I put my lightweight duvet on the bed without a cover, and changed out the linens. I love to change out my bedding seasonally, do you?

I brought out my Pioneer Woman dishes for summer on Mother's Day when Nate and Kay gifted me with more plates and bowls. Very pretty and cheery!

This photo is from last year, but it shows the variety of plates I have.

We also hung my new buntings. 

We are all set for summer now.  

We've had an excellent year, weather wise, so far. I wouldn't mind some summer heat now, so I can use the pool! We don't have a heater for it, so I am dependent on the sun to heat the water! The kids have  swimming and don't seem to mind the water temperature being in the 70's, I like the 80's better. 

We should have all the permits this week for construction. The first thing to happen will be expanding the drain field, moving and putting in a new septic tank. Then the excavation for the addition can begin.

We are blessed to know good contractors. our excavator goes to church with us, and our builder was in the same fire company as my dad for many years. The electrician we'll use is a friend as well, and our gutters, and garage door will be from friends with businesses, too! I love that we can send business their way.

For those who've been praying for my dad, his surgery will be on June 26. 

As usual, we have a busy week ahead. Kyle starts full time work, I finish school with Kamryn, Sarah leaves for summer ministry in Canada. 

Hello Summer!

Friday, May 26, 2023

Information Friday


Last evening we graduated our youngest child! Wow! 29 years of home education! Kyle had friends over, and we had family there. He chose his 'class colors' based on his favorite track pants - he's a funny guy - then realized that the Burger King Crown he got earlier in the week matched, so he said it would work as his "cap".

Tim and I are extraordinarily proud of this young man. He's been a blessing to us all, and we are excited to see where the Lord takes him. This next week he starts working at the shed company where Wes and Rachel do sales. He's going to be making doors. It'll be a good job for him, and then in the autumn he will start work on college courses, as well. 

There is a lot of information this week again, I'll try to just share and not commentate too much.

I believe the economy will crash. I urge you to build up your food pantry, as you can. It will help you when prices are high and if some items become unavailable. 

I believe that the crash is inevitable but it will help us get rid of the central bank. People don't understand that the Fed is a privately owned bank and that we have to buy our money from them, and pay it back with interest. WE WILL NEVER BE OUT OF DEBT under this system. Think of all the money we sent to Ukraine. We didn't have that sitting in an account. We borrowed it, and will pay interest on it. 

Think of it like this. I have no money so I borrow $100 from the Fed. Unless I can come up with an alternative source for income, I will never be out of debt because even if I can pay back the $100, I still have to pay the interest. This is how the system works.

Our money is not American dollars. Look at your money. They are Federal Reserve Bank Notes.

We must go back to having our own money, backed by gold and silver.

Have a great weekend friend. Prepare for chaos. As the deep state is losing, they are all panicking, and will try anything to keep control.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023



We had a lovely weekend. Didn't do much, which was nice. My garden is bursting with roses, iris, and peonies! Oh, the scent of peonies is filling my house! I love it!

Sunday, after church, we had BBQ Beef sandwiches (I cook roast in the crock pot overnight, turn it down in the morning and it's ready by lunchtime), cole slaw, baked beans, and a jello salad we all like. My grand girls are picky eaters, so I new they'd like that. The youngest, though, at a bit of everything including the beans. She is not such a picky eater.

Late in the afternoon Tim mentioned going to the Conowingo Dam to look for Bald Eagles. I was up for that and so was my mom. We drove down (It's about 20 ish minutes away) and I saw two eagles flying around before we got off the dam! 

They have a nice park along the western side of the Susquehanna river, just south of the dam. We always see vultures (they have a lot of vultures there) hanging out in trees, and sometimes on top of cars!

Sunday we saw a lot of eagles flying around, heron along the water and flying around. It was really a beautiful day, and quite a few people were fishing and there were several photographers.

I took these photos.

The eagles were never close enough to get a decent photo with my phone!

I found an Amish stand that had strawberries on Monday and we were delighted to buy them for $4.00 a quart! The produce stand closest to us is $6.00 a quart. I have plans to build up my strawberry plants here.

We are so spoiled by local berries. The store bought strawberries are like the store bought tomatoes, grown to be able to handle being shipped a long way. However, they are usually flavorless.

I do have three tomato plants going in pots, too.

I don't know if you are able, but I am starting to shop locally more and more. I don't want to support agendas that I oppose. I can't do much but share online and in person and try to help people see what is going on in the world, but I can use my dollars in protest. 

I believe we are in for a bit of a wild, scary ride, but we'll be okay. Keep praying. God knows what is happening and will be with us through it.

Information Friday

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