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Tuesday, May 23, 2023



We had a lovely weekend. Didn't do much, which was nice. My garden is bursting with roses, iris, and peonies! Oh, the scent of peonies is filling my house! I love it!

Sunday, after church, we had BBQ Beef sandwiches (I cook roast in the crock pot overnight, turn it down in the morning and it's ready by lunchtime), cole slaw, baked beans, and a jello salad we all like. My grand girls are picky eaters, so I new they'd like that. The youngest, though, at a bit of everything including the beans. She is not such a picky eater.

Late in the afternoon Tim mentioned going to the Conowingo Dam to look for Bald Eagles. I was up for that and so was my mom. We drove down (It's about 20 ish minutes away) and I saw two eagles flying around before we got off the dam! 

They have a nice park along the western side of the Susquehanna river, just south of the dam. We always see vultures (they have a lot of vultures there) hanging out in trees, and sometimes on top of cars!

Sunday we saw a lot of eagles flying around, heron along the water and flying around. It was really a beautiful day, and quite a few people were fishing and there were several photographers.

I took these photos.

The eagles were never close enough to get a decent photo with my phone!

I found an Amish stand that had strawberries on Monday and we were delighted to buy them for $4.00 a quart! The produce stand closest to us is $6.00 a quart. I have plans to build up my strawberry plants here.

We are so spoiled by local berries. The store bought strawberries are like the store bought tomatoes, grown to be able to handle being shipped a long way. However, they are usually flavorless.

I do have three tomato plants going in pots, too.

I don't know if you are able, but I am starting to shop locally more and more. I don't want to support agendas that I oppose. I can't do much but share online and in person and try to help people see what is going on in the world, but I can use my dollars in protest. 

I believe we are in for a bit of a wild, scary ride, but we'll be okay. Keep praying. God knows what is happening and will be with us through it.


  1. We have a nearby farm that has pick your own strawberries, but I never do seem to make it over there in time! They have blackeyed peas and cantaloupe in the summer at their farm store and my daughter and I usually get over there for those. Sitting and shelling peas and snapping green beans brings back good memories of my grandma's house in the summertime.

  2. I sure do miss the strawberry stands next to the strawberry fields in southern California. So sweet, so juicy...sigh.

  3. We have a new produce stand in our town and as soon as we get home I am going there to shop! Years ago we had several and then two and then one and then NONE! Shop local is a great way to go!

  4. We have farmer's markets here as well but a lot of the vendors have been washed out from so much rain.


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