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Monday, February 27, 2023



It was cold and windy on Saturday, but these four amazing women and I met up for lunch. We have years of history together through our homeschool co-op. Heather, on the right, and I are still homeschooling our kids but the others graduated their kids and launched them into adulthood!

I value these ladies so much. We've all walked alongside each other for so many years. These kinds of friends are gold!

ps- We are terrible at selfies! Ha!

I left home on Saturday at 10:30 am and got home at 4:00 pm, so for dinner I reheated cheesy potatoes and ham, which we'd had on Friday night. Kyle had friends over for the afternoon into the evening and wanted me to make this meal. Wes and Rachel popped in and ate, too. It was delicious and it's filling so there was quite a bit of left over. 

This suited all of us just fine.

Also on Friday, the guys picked up our beef from the butcher. We again had a steer raised for us, and we use a local Amish butcher. Between the cost of the farmer raising it for us, and the butchering fee, it comes out to be about $4.50 a pound for steaks, roasts, stew beef cuts, brisket, ground beef, soup bones, and some short ribs.

It's a chunk of money, but will last us two years.

I took three soup bones, and put them in my crockpot with water and let them cook for more than 24 hours. There was a lot of meat on those bones, so I used it with the broth for the base of a beef stew. Sunday morning we brought the crock pot out again and I added cut up butternut squash, onion, and carrots to the broth and meat, thickened it a bit, and left it to cook while we went to church. When we got home from church, I made rice, and we cut up a loaf of French bread.

My parents, Wes and Rachel, Kamryn and Kaidence, Tim, Kyle and I enjoyed a delicious meal! I'd never made anything starting with the bones before. It was easy and I know the broth is nutritious.

Tim, Wes and Rachel, and several grands went on a hike after lunch, and when they got back we started a long game of Mexican Train.

I played well, but didn't win a round until the last game.

It was fun.

Today I have school with the kids, then I'll work on my last lesson for the Bible study I am a part of on Friday. 

Can you believe it's almost March?!

This is the weather for the week a head.

Looks like spring to me!

How was your weekend? Someone had a birthday on Friday, I know. She said her grandson came and shoveled out her driveway which was a gift to her! 

Friday, February 24, 2023

Information Friday

Welcome to Information Friday. 

Let's jump in, shall we?

This graph is disturbing. Way too many republican's wanted to punish the unjabbed. Even willing to take children away from parents!
Giving all we know now about the jab injuries, it's even more disturbing.

We must not participate in giving the WHO control over our people during times of pandemic or suspected pandemic.

One of the first things Puppet Bid*n did was join the WHO again, after Trump removed us from the WHO. 

Which president did more for the American people?

Lots of interesting happenings; let's have a look.

We need to pray that we can avoid war. The globalists want it, badly.

This is troubling.
So many departments of our government have been over taken by wokeness. Here the DOD is talking about diversity being a strategic imperative. Elon reminds them that their Strategic Imperative is defending the US! That's their only job!

Adam Schiff is not a good person. He used his position as head of the intelligence committee to give the impression that what he was telling people was the truth. He lied about Trump's phone call with Zelensky, and he doctored text messages trying to make Jan 6 seem like a Trump plan.

Will these people ever pay for their crimes?

This happened in Florida people! Even after all we know about c*vid.

I've heard about bromate for years. King Arthur flour is not bromated.

Perhaps this is why Liz Truss didn't last as PM in England?

People who are conservative but who are not awake yet are taking a shine to this guy.  He's not someone I'd vote for with his background. Read [here].

That's all I've got today!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Watching, Reading, and Listening

 Everyday I'm watching, reading, or listening to something. 

I read something from the Bible everyday. The girls have a monthly verse to memorize for church so we work on that, and I've also been reading the book of James to them.

I've also recently bought the Book of Enoch. It's interesting. While it is not scripture, it is a book that is referenced in the Bible. I think of it as I do reading Josephus. It is a book written by someone who lived during that time period and writes of things happening. I don't think of it as scripture. It's historical, though, so interesting to me.

I've also been reading the book of Jude in the Bible and doing the Bible study by Jackie Hill Perry.

We are on the last section of this study. For a book that only has 25 verses, Jude is packed with good truth, encouragement to contend for the faith against false teachers, and the reminder that believers are Called, Beloved, and Kept.

I'm listening to The Lord of the Rings.

We've owned this audio version of many years. Kyle has listened to it over and over. I've read the trilogy years ago, but it had been years so I decided to listen. It seems that nearly everywhere I go I have a 20 minute drive, so I'm guaranteed at least 40 minutes of listening time.

Of course, sometimes, I choose a podcast to listen to while driving or doing a house hold chore.

My current listens are - 

My daughter Emma got me listening to this one. I've always wondered about Big Foot, but this is so much more than that. This podcast talks about the Nephilim of the Bible (giants), and many other topics. While I'm not always sure what I think about their topics, I feel as if there is a lot of history that we do not know. A recently episode by Kevin of the Instagram account KingKat2.0 was very interesting regarding the Death of Atheism

My tastes are varied and some of my other favorites are

Idlewild Cottage

At Home With Sally

Homemaker Chic

An new one I'm listening to is The Appalachian Homestead.

Do you listen to podcasts?

As to what I've been watching.

There is a new season of Vera, a new season of Death in Paradise, a new season of Midsomer Murders.

The show Shetland ended with a good season. 

I watched 2 seasons of Queens of Mystery. 

I enjoyed Three Pines, based on Louise Penny's books about Armand Gamache. I liked this show very much. A big disclaimer however. There is very little bad language in these the one used often by an older character and a few others is the F word. Just a heads up.

I also love to watch Escape to the Country. 

We only stream shows, we don't have satellite or cable. I'd love to be able to watch some of the shows on Magnolia Network. Especially The Established Home, and deVol Kitchens!

I always have to have something to offset the daily grind of news. It is funny to me that I go for mysteries and crime shows.

I'd love to hear what you watch or read or listen to or even about your hobbies. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

More Snow Geese!


This time they were only 15 minutes from home, not nearly an hour! This farm pond has been covered with snow geese for a week or so. The usual Canada Geese that live there are playing host to hundreds of migrating birds.

I was on my way home from running an errand in the morning yesterday, and saw and heard some of the geese overhead. So I pulled over and took this video.

I wasn't sure how many geese would still be at this pond since so many seem to have moved on from Middle Creek. When I drove by it was full, so when I got home I grabbed my mom and the girls to go have a look. Then I mentioned it to Nate so he and the little girls came with us to go have a look.

They are noisy. I wonder what they are communicating to each other? Maybe it's, "Hey, I was here first!" LOL

This will be my last snow geese post. I promise not to bore you with anymore snow geese talk.

Monday, February 20, 2023


                                                 Aldi had valentine roses on sale!

 I had a quiet weekend, but Tim and Kyle were busy on Saturday with getting firewood. Tim loves that we've never had to buy firewood. They've just used a lot of sweat equity over the years!

I'm always amazed at how God provides. As we were getting into late fall/winter we had no firewood. But helping a friend with some downed ash at their property brought in a first supply, and there have been several other opportunities. One of those was Saturday, and there is more wood they are welcome to cut up and take!

We'll be supplied for a few years from this wood. We don't heat exclusively with wood, but we do supplement by using our wood stove in the basement.

This photo is zoomed in but I'll try to get a good photo and show you tomorrow!

After church and lunch with the family, Tim and I took a drive to Middle Creek to see the snow geese. There were not so many this time. The mild winter has lead to an early migration back north I believe. 

The lack of snow geese didn't stop people from coming to have a look. The lot we park in to go to the point were you have the best viewing was full and so was the road leading up to the lot! We decided to drive around to the other side of the lake and view them from the boat launch area.

The white line on the water is snow geese. 

If you look to the left you can see some flying over to the hill.

I got a video of them flying over to the hillside. They would fly over then go back to the water and start all over again!

We came home and enjoyed a slow evening. It was nice. 

How was your weekend?

I have two dear friends dealing with the poor health of their elderly parents and I want them to know I'm praying for them. Will you pray, too? For Cheryl, and for Sherry.

Love this beautiful community of friends.

Friday, February 17, 2023

Information Friday


Isn't this an incredible picture? It is the Brussel's Flower Carpet. An event that takes place every two years. It is entirely made out of begonias!

There is so much beauty and creativity in our world. We are given this creativity and love of beauty from our creator, who made us in his image! What a gift!

The revival that started at Asbury University, which is a Methodist university, has spread to Lee, which is Pentacostal, and to Samford, which is Baptist. A real move of God knows no boundaries! I'm praying that it continues. These young Gen-Zers are finding God. An a good reminder to those of us who are older, God meets everyone where they are at. It may not look like the revival that swept the Colonies before the revolution, it may not look like Finney's revival, or any other revival. The key is to look at what God is doing!

Tim and I have been Christians for many years. He grew up as an MK and we were involved in training, and we served stateside for a while. We've grown a lot in the years since our time in the mission. We know there is not a formula for salvation. It is a work of the spirit. We know there are kids raised in Christian homes who are adults now and don't walk with the Lord even though their parents do.

In the last several months Tim and I became aware that we knew someone who was in the news.

Sam Brinton. We were in the training with his family. (for missions) He was a sweet, redheaded little guy. He was very smart. My heart hurts for him, and for his parents. He has made choices that have lead him away from truth and into hard things. Before we made the connection that this was the Sam Brinton we knew (he went by Samuel then) I was judgy about him. Now I realize that I can discern truth, but I must pray for people and realize that I don't know what their life has been. This doesn’t mean he should not be held accountable, and others as well when they are found to have committed crimes.

This is very disturbing. We should not put biological men in women's prisons.

This scandal gets deeper and deeper.

I saw that Janice Dean from Fox had shared this information on her social media, 

Then the Bee Chief shared it and it's from NBC news.

People were vilified for sharing this kind of information. They lost their social accounts, had their paypal's removed, etc. Plus, those who have immunity from the virus, don't have myocarditis, and are not among those 'dying suddenly.'

This Ohio train derailment has long lasting environmental repercussions'. The health of people and the land is going to be damaged by this.

I believe that the narrative of spy balloons during Trump's time is breaking down. John Ratcliffe was the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and had a security briefing this week.

It turns out that the shooter at MSU this week, used a handgun. He was not legally allowed to own ANY gun because he was a convicted felon. Gun laws obviously did not stop this criminal from getting a weapon.

I think we ought to have well trained staff, at every school, that can handle a gun. And then they should post big signs about it all around the school. 

A judge has ruled that the John Does in the Epstein case must be revealed. That is supposed to happen soon.

The Epstein S*x trafficking has a lot of powerful people connected to it. That is how Ghislaine Maxwell got convicted of trafficking girls, but no clients were ever mentioned.

I think Ron DeSantis has made some good choices for Florida. I've been concerned by the Rinos - Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and others who are so openly courting him to run for President. They hate DJT. Make no mistake about it. A lot of political people realize that maga principles appeal to the most people. So they want to hijack the message and think they can have it without Trump. 

This was so bizarre. Maga people hate Soros. They won't back a candidate Soros likes.

This is one way the left has controlled the narrative for so long.

I learned a few years ago to track prominent resignations. Last month it was New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern. Now it's Nicola Sturgeon. I didn't agree with either of these women's policies. Sturgeon resigned under pressure. She's been bad for Scotland.

The other prominent resignations this week have been the CEO of YouTube, 

World Bank President David Malpass.

Generally if people have power, they don't easily give it up. There is a website that tracks resignations.

Some resignations are just normal business resignations, people leaving one job going to another. Many, however, are significant. I find the timing of some resignations interesting.

Also this week Senator Diane Feinstein's office announced she was not going to run for re-election, but when asked Feinstein said she didn't know her office put that out! I've heard she has memory issues, but she's not been going along with the Dems plans for her to resign. 

I hope you all have a good weekend. Keep praying, keep seeking truth, and keep seeking peace. Peace is a person. Jesus.

Information Friday, On Saturday

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