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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

More Snow Geese!


This time they were only 15 minutes from home, not nearly an hour! This farm pond has been covered with snow geese for a week or so. The usual Canada Geese that live there are playing host to hundreds of migrating birds.

I was on my way home from running an errand in the morning yesterday, and saw and heard some of the geese overhead. So I pulled over and took this video.

I wasn't sure how many geese would still be at this pond since so many seem to have moved on from Middle Creek. When I drove by it was full, so when I got home I grabbed my mom and the girls to go have a look. Then I mentioned it to Nate so he and the little girls came with us to go have a look.

They are noisy. I wonder what they are communicating to each other? Maybe it's, "Hey, I was here first!" LOL

This will be my last snow geese post. I promise not to bore you with anymore snow geese talk.


Vee said...

They do make a racket. Ducks...plain old ducks...swoop up from the river and I always take notice. Your snow geese are very interesting.

Kim said...

My goodness that is a lot of birds!! They are very pretty though!

Debby @ From My House to Yours said...

I love birds so you're not boring me. I've not seen snow geese here in California. They are beautiful.

Estelle's said...

Boring? Not for me....I love Snow Geese....there was a farm in Maine that had them each winter.....we just loved seeing them//thank you for sharing this Deanna!

cheryl said...

Not boring for me. I am so each excited each year to hear the geese and the sand hill cranes flying over. Love your pictures and your little video. Thank you for sharing.

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