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Monday, February 27, 2023



It was cold and windy on Saturday, but these four amazing women and I met up for lunch. We have years of history together through our homeschool co-op. Heather, on the right, and I are still homeschooling our kids but the others graduated their kids and launched them into adulthood!

I value these ladies so much. We've all walked alongside each other for so many years. These kinds of friends are gold!

ps- We are terrible at selfies! Ha!

I left home on Saturday at 10:30 am and got home at 4:00 pm, so for dinner I reheated cheesy potatoes and ham, which we'd had on Friday night. Kyle had friends over for the afternoon into the evening and wanted me to make this meal. Wes and Rachel popped in and ate, too. It was delicious and it's filling so there was quite a bit of left over. 

This suited all of us just fine.

Also on Friday, the guys picked up our beef from the butcher. We again had a steer raised for us, and we use a local Amish butcher. Between the cost of the farmer raising it for us, and the butchering fee, it comes out to be about $4.50 a pound for steaks, roasts, stew beef cuts, brisket, ground beef, soup bones, and some short ribs.

It's a chunk of money, but will last us two years.

I took three soup bones, and put them in my crockpot with water and let them cook for more than 24 hours. There was a lot of meat on those bones, so I used it with the broth for the base of a beef stew. Sunday morning we brought the crock pot out again and I added cut up butternut squash, onion, and carrots to the broth and meat, thickened it a bit, and left it to cook while we went to church. When we got home from church, I made rice, and we cut up a loaf of French bread.

My parents, Wes and Rachel, Kamryn and Kaidence, Tim, Kyle and I enjoyed a delicious meal! I'd never made anything starting with the bones before. It was easy and I know the broth is nutritious.

Tim, Wes and Rachel, and several grands went on a hike after lunch, and when they got back we started a long game of Mexican Train.

I played well, but didn't win a round until the last game.

It was fun.

Today I have school with the kids, then I'll work on my last lesson for the Bible study I am a part of on Friday. 

Can you believe it's almost March?!

This is the weather for the week a head.

Looks like spring to me!

How was your weekend? Someone had a birthday on Friday, I know. She said her grandson came and shoveled out her driveway which was a gift to her! 


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! How nice to have such a storehouse of beef in your freezer. What a treat to pull out the crockpot and begin making a couple of those those delicious and beefy meals. Yum!

    It's bright and sunny here today. Temperatures are still below freezing but the sunshine doth give us hints of the season to come.
    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.
    Brenda xo

  2. You lovely ladies do so, too, know how to take selfies. So good for you all to make time for each other. Keep getting together.

    Your delicious bone broth sounds so good and nourishing.

    If you change your rain to snow, that's what my forecast looks like. ❄️😏❄️


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