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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Dreaming Of Garden Borders


As you know, when the addition construction starts, I will need to move a lot of my plants from the front cottage garden. That means I need to figure out if we will permanently move some plants, or if they will move temporarily, and if so, where will they go.

To get them out of harms way they will likely go across our little creek. Some may stay there, as in a few of my hydrangea, and a peony or two. They will look nice there. 

But do I transplant my roses? How will they do? What about my mini Irises? My echinacea? Salvia? 

When everything is finished, I will have a small border in the front but we'll also have a patio area, and I will use large pots with some plants.

With spring coming on, I need to get the plan done as some of the plants will need to move soon.


  1. It's so funny you posted this today...our minds must be on the same projects...we have so much sprucing up to do after winter....I know whatever you create, is gong to be stunning....I am looking forward to this!

  2. Sounds labor intensive. If you find a lovely spot for them, maybe they could remain there. Then you can start over with plants by your new situation slowly and over time. Or you could be like Linda Vater and just go for it. Whatever you decide, it will be beautiful.

  3. you have me dreaming of spring and summer!!

  4. Big job, Deanna. I know it will all be beautiful when it's done, and worth the effort. Hugs.


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