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Friday, March 3, 2023

Information Friday


We continue to have spring like weather here. Rain, sunshine, and mild daytime temperatures! We could get a late freeze but I hope not. The cherry crop could be affected.

This week I have a lot of information about cov*d and let me tell you it's all coming out.

This week the senate passed a UNANIMOUS bill to release all the intel on cov*d. It has to pass the house, but I am sure it will. Now why would the dems and some republicans be for this after spending nearly three years censoring people for telling the truth?

Well, when they bill passes both houses it will go to Biden's desk. He will either sign it or veto it. What will he do? He'd likely want to veto, because his administration doesn't want the knowledge of the truth coming out. Truth that was hidden purposely, lied about. People were threatened and lost their medical practices for offering a different medical opinion. They don't want that to come out, right?

But if he vetoes, it will show that with both houses, both parties wanting this information he's got something to hide, which he does. Biden is in a lose/lose situation.

The dems are looking to have him not run again in 2024. They are done with him.

Victoria Nuland has been involved in many of the major wars we've had. She was a big part of Bush 43's Iraq policy. This week she's been in Nigeria. (so has Stacy Abrams) They've been overseeing Nigeria's election. There are a lot of politicians saying that the election was rigged, etc. Sound familiar?

I've been reading that with Ukraine as a honey hole falling apart, the deep state is looking for another country to use. Nigeria has been very corrupt for years. It is also interesting to note that Antony Blinken has been traveling giving more of our money away.

He also gave 25 million to Khazakstan. You can read about that {here}.

This week Zelensky, who thinks he can boss us around, decided that the US was going to have to send their sons and daughters to fight and die if Ukraine loses.

Ukraine is not a part of NATO.

Why do we need to give so much money to Ukraine? Why aren't the Europeans giving more?

Also important to note -  That the west has given 61 billion as of January 15 to Ukraine. Where has it all gone?

This is an interesting bit of information.

Do you remember Biden bragging about forcing Ukraine to fire the prosecutor looking into Burisma, the company that Hunter Biden sat on the board? You can see the video {here}, and read the article from the Wall Street Journal.

I found this interesting, as well.

There are so many people involved in child p*rn. It's horrific. 

This issue is not dem vs republican. People from both parties have been involved in this. It's a human problem. Sin.

Dershowitz has claimed he never had s*x on Epstein's Island. Now though he is admitting something, and mentioning that many people were involved with Epstein. Most of the young women who have spoken out about being abused there were underage. Children.

I believe they are purposely trying to destroy the economy. They want us in central bank control like we are now, but it will be under a digital currency they control.

Don't eat bugs.

I never heard a word about this did you?

Seth Keshel and Kari Lake fighting for election integrity!

Here is some common sense.

I know it's a long one but its a good one!

Have a great weekend friends!


Vee said...

Agreed. It's a good one. Okay, I'll bite. WHY? No information about children being shot in Georgia ten days ago? Is it child trafficking?

So much going on as always. You didn't get to some of the things that are bugging me with regard to covid. Revelation coming to life before our very eyes. Maranatha, Lord!

Thank you for your gathering abilities. I appreciate it.

A Joyful Cottage said...

I know it takes a lot of time and effort to put all this news together, Deanna. And I thank you for that. So much is happening, so quickly, that it's almost impossible to keep up with it all. I am so glad to see Speaker McCarthy supporting the true conservatives in the House. I hope he stays with it so that more information comes out. I'm especially interested in ALL the videos of J6 and things that have been hidden for s long. God bless you, Deanna! Thank you!

So Much Glory said...

on another topic, do you think we will ever see Fetterman again?

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