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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

What I Can Do

Praying today for the families and students of Covenant Christian School.

Our world is so lost. We've been feed a diet of celebrity worship, self focus, an ideology that leaves God out of lives. It's backward.

We must worship God, love our neighbors. Our neighborhood has changed some in the last several years and there are homes where we don't know everyone's names. I'm going to try to change that this year. 

I'm thinking we can host a neighborhood bbq. Have it be a drop in, actually meet our neighbors. (our neighborhoods' properties have around an acre of land)

If we can come to know each other, we can help each other out when needed. We can be aware of needs.

I'm praying that everyone will be willing. We must stop allowing ourselves to be divided from people because of political ideologies, race, religion. Some people may not want to be friends, and that's okay. 

I just want to do what I can to be a good neighbor and to love others.


  1. Very good thoughts, Deanna. Our neighborhood has also changed quite a bit in the past several years and we have two new neighbors just in 2023. It would be a good idea to host a neighborhood BBQ.

  2. So sad. Yes, part of the answer is for us to love Jesus and to reach out and love our neighbors, and you have a good idea about the local BBQ.

  3. Very sad events both with natural disasters and this horrible loss.
    It might really be helpful for you to host a bbq just to explain what will
    be happening at your place. I went to all my neighbors before the banging
    began, but something like a bbq would have been more fun.

  4. We were at a doctor's office yesterday and taped to the front reception desk was a sign that read, "Please do not yell or behave abusively to the office staff. If you do, you will not been seen by the doctor." I was shocked and told them how sad that sign made me, that it obviously happened enough to necessitate a sign. The girls just laughed and said it happened daily and it was upsetting. What happened to kindness??

  5. How important it is for God's people to be salt and light! Yes, there will always be evil in this world (Jesus said so!), but we can reach individuals with His love and the message of the Gospel!

  6. We have never...been so divided since the Civil War! And the Government is making it Worse!


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