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Friday, March 10, 2023

Information Friday


We've decided to definitely move forward with the inlaw addition. It came in higher than expected but it is happening. The look of my cottage garden will change. I'm enjoying the view of this photo taken last spring.

Today, I have a lot of Jan 6 information and video, but some more about the virus. The House has been having hearings and the testimony of Dr. Robert Redfield, who was the head of the CDC at the time the virus started, is shocking.

The truth is pouring out! If you have friends who aren't hearing this information, share this with them. Bypass the mainstream media who don't want people to know this information. 

I found this interesting.

The January 6th Commission was a shame. Chairman Thompson now says they never saw any of the video from that day. "Employees kind of went through the tapes." 

The left and rinos are melting down. Why? Because they don't want the American people to have access to this information. It proves that there was no insurrection on Jan6th.

Note the date on this article from the Washington Examiner - August 20, 2021.

Friends, I hope you are seeing the turning of the tide. Because I follow alternative news sources, I have known a lot of this information for two years. MSM still don't want you to know this is what really happened.

The left have lost the narrative, they don't control the flow of information anymore. That is why Chuck Schumer is freaking out and frankly so is Mitch McConnell. 

I hope you enjoy the videos and follow the links.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Thank you, Deanna. It is good to see the turning of the tide. "There is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets." (Daniel 2:28)

  2. A lot more must be revealed and those who have the courage to tell the truth must continue to press. We already see that that has slowed to a crawl. May God have mercy on us. We have many corrupt people in power who have no compunctions about being lying liars who lie. Thank you for gathering and staying on top of things.


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