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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Spring/Summer Wardrobe

 I haven't purchased anything new in several years, so I recently purchased a few things to add to my existing wardrobe. I try to buy things that mix and match with other things I already own.

I purchased the dress above, and it is supposed to arrive today. It's a nice swing style knit dress with pockets!. I also bought it in plain navy. The length will not be above the knee for me, as I am short. 

I also bought this shirt.

My shirts are in need of some items.  I like a tunic length to hide the tushie.

I also have a longer black with white stripes knit dress, a similar one in a dark teal color, a red ditsy floral pattern knit dress (which always gets comments of "I like your dress"), and a few others I've had for many years that are just fine for wearing around the house. 

I know now why ladies in the past had their "house dresses." It meant that they didn't have to have such a big wardrobe.

In our throw away society, where we've had access to cheap clothes, we didn't care if we only wore something for one season. The problem with that is that in order for items to be manufactured so cheaply, people are being taken advantage of in the country of origin.

It also has to do with our financial system, but there is a reason that nearly everything was being made in China. 

It's one reason we thrift a lot. Items are being reused, and not just thrown away. 

Back to the wardrobe. At home I go barefoot all year long, but I am wearing orthotics now to help my hips be aligned, so I am likely going to wear my Skechers most of the spring/summer when I do wear shoes. I'm going to be putting them into my dress flats for the wedding I am coordinating this Saturday!

I still have this dress and jean jacket, too. I mostly will wear my knit dresses for these next two seasons. 

I almost always wear them with capri length leggings. It's very sporty and comfortable. 

Besides my jean jacket, I have one in red, and several cardigans in navy, pink, and green. 

I'm all set, I think.

What about you? What will you be wearing this coming season?


  1. That is a lovely picture of you. I, too, like the tunic concept! I like the idea of capri leggings with the dresses as well……I’ll have to consider that!

  2. I’m needing some hiking boots and some new tops. Cute photo of you!

  3. No dresses, though I have not been able to part with all my dresses. I think you have a good sense of style. I like your jean jacket with dresses. I remember way back in the day when you often wore a hat. ☺️

  4. Love your choices and funny, I just ordered a few dresses last night from Old Navy. They had a sale and I bit!

  5. I just lost my long comment but suffice it to be said - if I can't sleep in it - it's not for me!

  6. Love the dress and blouse you purchased! Very pretty.
    Jeans and blouses for me...


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