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Friday, March 24, 2023

Information Friday


This is an old photo from 2012! It's a rainy day here today, too!

I wanted to address at least one of the comments that I have gotten recently. Deanna commented: "You have a great deal of info that I will read when I can, but as for President Jackson and the TRIAL OF TEARS? He was no saint. Are you familiar with the TRAIL OF TEARS?"

Thank you Deanna, for your comment. I know about the Trail of Tears and it is a deep wound in our history. My favorite Uncle was Cherokee Indian, and Tim and I spent part of our missionary training in Oklahoma among Cherokee speakers, studying and learning the language.

I have learned over the years that no man is perfect. The same is true for leaders, many have great flaws. That doesn't mean that God can't and won't use them. 

I've also become aware that there is much of our history that may not be exactly the truth. 

We can look at the issue of NYC AG Alvin Bragg for example. He was found this week to have hidden 600 pages of documents that showed that President Trump committed no crime. Yet, if it hadn't come out a whole different view of Trump would have been given. In fact many people still believe he is a racists after the media edited his comments. Even though it has been proven and shown, still there are those who believe what the media said.

When someone is hated because they are not who the central bankers and deep state wanted (think World Economic Forum etc), and they control the media, they can change history. 

The January 6th 'insurrection' is an example. With the hidden video coming out we are seeing that the Capitol police officer was not injured that day, let alone beaten over the head with a fire extinguisher, and killed. He died several days later of a stroke. You can see him in the video, after the time he was supposedly killed, and he is just fine and walking around the Capitol.

Yet the politicians and media still push this idea that he was killed that day, and that there were several officers killed that day. This is not true.

All this to say, I believe that the Trail of Tears was not a good thing. At All. 

This past week we've seen that the corrupt AG of NYC was trying to indict Trump on a felony charge of paying hush money to Stormie Daniels. They tried this in 2018, and it was proven to not be true. She even came out and said that they had never had an affair. A lawyer who worked for the Trump organization, paid her out of his own funds, never consulted with Trump about it, but he later said he did it on behalf of Trump. There was a court case which they lost, Daniels had to pay Trump $300,000 dollars and court fees. 

The lawyer, Michael Cohen, ended up being sued by Stormie Daniels and he ended up in jail for fraud, and stealing money from her.

His lawyer had released this statement -  

He wrote the Federal Election Commission, on behalf of his client, to show that Mr. Cohen had paid the money, and Trump did not reimburse this money either personally or out of the campaign money.

However, there have been a few people who did violate campaign finance laws and never even went to court.

You can read more about that {here}.

What the establishment politicians would like is to keep Trump from being able to run for President again. They've tried everything, and keep coming back to the same old stories. 

Now they are trying to say he lied to his lawyer about the documents he had at Mar-a-Lago. Really? Say it with me friends, "A President has the power to declassify anything. He is allowed to take any documents he wants." DJT also worked with the archives to make sure the documents were safely stored. The whole thing is a sham.

At the very least, it makes people (who still don't get it) think, "Well, I voted for him and he was a good president, but it's time for someone new." They think this because all the Trump news is negative all the time.

Have you ever wondered why?

Here is more of what people had to say this week about the case from NYC AG.

Bragg has cancelled the Grand Jury until Monday. He was found to have hidden evidence from the Grand Jury. He really should have dismissed the jury and the case after this evidence from Cohen's lawyer came out and the testimony from someone who worked in the AG office that there were 600 pages of documents that Bragg hid from the jury.

Looks like he potentially could be in trouble. He likely won't be charged because he's going after Trump. 

Leaders from around the world are done being lectured to by the US. We have no moral high ground anymore as a nation.

When the news came out this week about the NYC case falling apart, there was a leak from the Judge in the case regarding the documents. Still trying to make it seem like it was a crime for Trump to have these documents.
What about the docs Biden had from the time he was a senator and VP? What's happened with those? What's happening with the evidence of criminality from the laptop?

Two tiered system of justice happening and if we don't flush it all out, the people will never get justice again. Only the ruling class masters.

In fact now Bragg is trying to blame Trump because he told people what Bragg was planning!

Here is an example of the media trying to spin a story.

Kari Lake won a huge victory from her appeal. The AZ Supreme Court ruled that the lower court must look at the signature verification issues! This is a huge part of the case! But the media wants you to think that it's a nothing burger!

And with all this, I'll say have a great weekend.

I have a wedding this weekend, tonight is the rehearsal and tomorrow morning is the wedding. I'd appreciate prayers that I'd be a blessing to the families, and help the wedding go smoothly!


  1. Yes, prayers for strength to be a help for the wedding. May the wedding and the marriage be greatly blessed.

    Well now, I wondered how you would handle this crazy, obscene week. That DA needs a comeuppance as he is guilty of
    so many crimes. He does not protect New Yorkers. This greatly distresses me as one who has family living in NYC. It is
    a crying shame.

  2. I SO Agree with you! Why can't people READ for themselves and SEE the truth?? But they don't...they actually believe the bought off media and it's lies. Just waiting for elections 2024!

  3. So Deanna, did you learn the Cherokee language? The Trail of Tears was horrific and to think this was done to the civilized tribes. As for the deep state and bankers, this world we live in goes much deeper than these people. SO much deeper that many are blind sided to who is running the show and are fooled by what is being said to control the masses. God's man of the hour is his son, Jesus not anyone else. He is a unchanging and sovereign God. The word says that He will judge adulterers. Trump will be judged.


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