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Monday, March 25, 2024

Things I Like

 Brenda from It's A Beautiful Life blog did a post with this title and I enjoyed her list so I thought I'd do something similar. Her post is {here}.

First thing I like is this guy right here. We were out yesterday enjoying the sunshine and the eagles flying at the Conowingo Dam.

So, other things I like -

Books - Especially Jane Austen, Anne of Green Gables series, books by Barbara Cornthwaite, Dee Henderson, Laura Childs Tea Shop Mysteries, Lori Wick. I like biographies and autobiographies, and non fiction as well.

I like Tea! Brewing tea, making scones, lemon curd and cream! I love chatting with a friend over tea. I love drinking a cup of tea in the evening while reading or watching something.

I like British TV shows. Vera, Shetland, Doc Martin, Death in Paradise, Lewis, Madame Blanche, and more!

I like gardens - all kinds of them. Big gardens, little ones, public gardens and private gardens. I enjoy seeing what is growing in the gardens. My favorite flowers are peonies, roses, hydrangea, zinneas, hollyhocks, daisies, coneflower, larkspur, poppies, queen ann's lace.

I like my home. I like having a space to take care of and make a welcoming place for others to visit and share a meal. 

I like planning events. I enjoy seeing people gather and have fun together.

I like my family. I like my friends. I like my church. I like online friends who I do not know in person.

I think this is enough for now. 

What things do you like?

Friday, March 22, 2024

Information Friday


I did go to the garden center the other day, and found these lovely English Daisies (bella tasso) in dark and light pink. If you look closely you will see the morning light pouring through the window by our stairs. The flowers in the first photo are on that side of the pot. They need another drink of water today, and I hope that they will love their spot in my living room!

An NPC is someone who lacks independent thought and blindly follows trends or what others say.

The media tried hard, once again, to edit what Trump said. It didn't work this time, except there will always be people who really do believe the msm and the dems.

This is what we are up against. The government would like to control everything word definitions, who can give out information, whether you are allowed to say something that doesn't go along with the government narrative.

It's truly scary out here friends.

A woman in Queen's was arrested for kicking squatters out of the million dollar home she'd inherited and was selling. Squatters have more rights than home owners. Don't think this couldn't happen to you.

We are living through a horrible period in history. They are trying to destroy our Constitution.

The UK doesn't have a written constitution.

You can read more about this {here}. They couch it in terms so it sounds like its a good thing, but what it would mean is that they could come to my home and property and say that we have no right to have this land just for our own use and take it and put apartment buildings on it.

Here is the Bee for a bit of humor.

When your government practices lawfare. When they twist the law and charge people with crimes that weren't committed, when they put peaceful people in prison who's only 'crime' was walking into the capitol building or even being outside. We are in danger of just having our way of life stolen from us.

We've all forgotten that government works for us. They tax us so much and just decide they need more money to spend so they tax us again! It doesn't work.

We need to get back to the government of the Constitution.

I have hope because there are people fighting for this. They are allowing their own reputations to be destroyed in order to save our nation.  

Pray for these people, and speak out. Share with your family and friends - tell them the truth of what's happening.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Welcome Spring


Ah Spring!

I've been enjoying glimpses of you - trees in bloom, forsythia bursting everywhere, daffodils in the garden.

It's chilly today, with grey skies, but spring is here!

This weekend was a hard one emotionally for me. Kyle is doing very well, gaining more use of his hand and fingers. He doesn't have to have it braced in the house anymore, and that has lead to stark reality. God is good, and is a continual comfort to me. 

I think I need a trip to the garden center!

Friday, March 15, 2024

Information Friday

Tim and I had a great time visiting our daughter Emma and her family. This birthday crown has seen a lot of heads this past week, but I had to try it on at the request of a wee grand girl!

We came back on Tuesday and jumped right back into life here at the cottage.

There is so much news happening that one can hardly keep up with it all. I've gathered some items that I think will interest you.

The truth is finally coming out about the corrupt J6 committee. They hid testimonies that exonerated Trump, and hid information that proved they were lying. Let's see what happens. At this point at least people are able to see the truth. It's up to them if they are going to be brave enough to realize they've been lied to for years.

This driver is a Secret Service agent who was willing to testify right away that Trump never tried to get control of the Beast nor did he attack an agent. However the committee, kept that information from the public because that wasn't the narrative they were wanting to tell.

It really was about diverting attention away from Trump's claims of election fraud, and destroying Trump. They are terrified of him becoming president again because he knows all their crimes.

What a disgrace to see the supposed leader of our country hopped up on drugs to try to get him through the State of The Union.

He's a disaster.

They can say that the economy is doing great and they've created jobs etc, but its just not the truth.

More truths coming out. Some of these things I have been sharing for years now!

They always say "We're not the criminals, Trump's the criminal!" But it comes out eventually. Blood Money. These people don't care about you.

Take the border crisis. It's never been about migrants wanting a better life. It's about changing the demographic of voters in our nation. They don't care that our daughters have been harmed, or our elderly killed, or that their is so much fentanyl coming over the border.

People don't like Trump's abrasiveness or his unkind words. I don't always either. However, I've never had to go through what he's been going through. 

Have a great weekend friends!

Information Friday

We've had overcast and rainy days, so I don't have a lot of new photos to show you. Here is one of me earlier this spring. I had a c...