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Monday, January 29, 2024


My kitchen in late January morning light.

 We had a quiet weekend. By this I mean we were out and about. Tim worked on the insulation in the new basement ceiling and got that finished! I puttered. 

I am finally ready to get our bedroom design going, and the office, too.

For our bedroom I am looking at having Tim do either picture frame molding or board and batten. I'm trying to decide. I think I'm leaning toward board and batten as it is more cottage style, and that feels more like me. I definitely like English Country style in my home.

I've been looking at colors on Pinterest and really like a deVOL Kitchens color called Refectory Red. It's a deep, grown up red. It may be too much for a primary bedroom, but if the lower portion of the wall, say 2/3 was creamy white board and batten? 

This is Refectory Red.

On the other hand there are these lovely greens.

Cottage Grove by Joanna Gaines for Kilz Castle Collection.

Or Retreat by Sherwin Williams

Or how about Dried Thyme or Rosemary by Sherwin Williams?

Looking at Rosemary and Retreat side by side you can see that Retreat is a cooler color, and Rosemary is a warmer color.

Decisions, Decisions.

Here is my hutch in the kitchen. I am going to change out the knobs and pulls. It's very fun and handy to have.

Wouldn't this look amazing in Refectory Red? I think it could be amazing!

I have mug hangers coming for the upper shelves and I am going to move some of that tea so it doesn't look so cluttered.

Tim has a big work project this week. They are hooking a house from a septic system to public sewer.

Tomorrow is our granddaughter Kennedy's 3rd birthday! I bought her a book and a tea set!

Isn't it cute?

All of the images of colors can be found on my For The Home Pinterest page{here}.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Information Friday

 Hello friends! 

Sorry to any of you who looked for this post yesterday. I will try to get back to really posting on Friday!

The bitter cold temperatures have left us and we are very mild. springlike weather, and at the end of January we are well on our way to spring! I'm beginning to think of my garden. There will be no big changes out in the front garden for the time being. Our money being saved right now is for siding and new windows. Which I am fine with right now.

My garden does need work after being a construction site for so long, so I may end up with some new roses, and other plants. 

This weeks' information will mostly be about the border, the NH primary, and E. Jean Carroll.

The civil trial against Trump with E. Jean Carroll was a farce. The judge didn't allow any defense on Trumps' part. His lawyer had to tell the judge in court what her questions of Trump would be and what he was going to answer. Then the judge edited Alina Habbas' questions (what she was allowed to ask Trump) and the answers he was allowed to give! 

Does this sound like free speech? 

Also the jury never saw her video interviews, or her tweets or anything like that. They made a decision without full information.

The cases that they are running against Trump are political in nature. They want to destroy his name, businesses, reputation because they think that people will choose to not vote for him. They would/could do the same to you, the average citizen and far easier. Look what they've done to people who were in DC on Jan6. The DOJ is still arresting people but now they are arresting people who didn't even go into the building. 

Scary, totalitarian times. 

The quote - unquote bipartisan border bill out of the senate is a piece of garbage. They know it too, since they won't let anyone see it. It does call for allowing 5,000 illegals into the country every day, and legitimizing them and allowing them to vote. That would be 1,825,000 a year forever! They want votes that is why they are trying to do this. 

Go {here} to watch Ted Cruz speak about this subject.

Also, as Ted Cruz said, this bill is designed to fail. They know the house won't pass it. They like this because then they can say, "The republicans in the house, wouldn't pass this bill which would have closed our border!" They are dispicable!

The majority of illegals crossing the border are military aged men. 

I know this is really long!

So much happening, and I want to make sure you see it! 

Tuesday, January 23, 2024



Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday, I needed to pick up a friend from their mechanic, mom and dad came along and afterward we all went to breakfast. Then we went to Costco, and another local store, Goods.

We got home just before noon. 

Our weekend was quiet. Well, it was for me! Ha! Tim and Sarah drove to Philly to pick up a lift gate for his Tahoe, and then he got the Tahoe repaired. The garage has already been such a blessing to us!

I bought a runner for the kitchen. It's washable which is a plus, and it's red!

I like it.

Today I have the little girls. There was a death in Kayleigh's extended family and Kamryn went to the funeral with Nate and Kay. 

The temperatures were very cold last week but we are on a warming trend. It's supposed to be nearly 50 by the end of the week! I'm glad because that means the rain we are going to get will not be snow!

I'm finally getting inspired about my bedroom and I'm working on ideas for it. Can't wait to get that done and be settled.

I'm scouring FB Marketplace daily for chairs, a pine hutch, and whatever else catches my eye for my English Country Cottage.

Last night I cut up root vegetables - potatoes, butternut squash (frozen and already cut), carrots, onions - and added cut up broccoli to a big roasting pan and added chicken tenderloins to it. I seasoned it all up (salt, fresh ground pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, Italian seasoning) drizzled it all in butter and baked it for an hour! It's an easy one pan dinner and delicious!

What have you been up too?

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Information Friday


I've had a very lazy week. With my cold, I have found myself napping in my bed in the afternoons, and doing a lot of nothing. Yesterday, Sarah suggested that we have tea and watch a movie. She made scones, and my mom joined in the fun.

After it was over Tim called and said he and Kyle slid off the driveway of the house where they were doing a repair, and he hit a tree. Sarah and I drove to meet them an hour away. Thankfully, a neighbor was able to pull the Tahoe out and only the back window was shattered. Oh, his drivers side mirror was broken too, but he already has a replacement for it. Today he and Sarah are driving to Philly to get a used lift gate for the Tahoe. If it all works out, we'll only be out about $350 and he won't have any rust on the lift gate anymore! We are thankful that no one was injured, and that amazingly the roads were clear with the snow we had falling yesterday.

I have a lot of videos today, hope that you don't mind that.

There are some European leaders who are thinking right.

The RNC is uniparty - Rinos. Why are they in meetings with the Chinese? They are out of touch with what the people want, and frankly they don't care. They want to keep their power and if they can then they'll do anything they have to to keep it.

Listen to what the people want.

Nikki in NH trying to get Dems to vote for her. She's being bankrolled by Reid Hoffman, and big Dem donor who is also paying for E.Jean Carrolls court case. If Nikki was for us, the people, why would she take money from those who are against us?

The dems are afraid, very afraid that all that they have built to control the people, instead of being a servant of the people, is going to crumble. I believe they will bring in Michelle/Michael to replace Biden.

So much happening and it's only Mid January! Hang on, Friends! I believe the best is yet to come!

Information Friday, On Saturday

  Well, I was all set to do a post yesterday, but I had trouble uploading my photos. I really thought I'd get it done in the evening, bu...