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Friday, February 10, 2023

Information Friday

 Good Morning Friends!

February is Black History Month and I thought it'd be good to share these three amazing quotes from some current people making history!

Now onto the things I found on the internet this week that were full of information. It's up to you to decide if you agree or not. 

Reminder: I share information. Period. Full Stop. as the Brits say. We must all learn discernment. Sometimes discernment of a situation or person can take time. 

That's okay. We read, we research, and we pray. The truth shakes out eventually.

This thread from Twitter is interesting.

Here is a link to the CNN article - {here}.

Fauci knew but pushed them anyway. Read the article {here}.

I'm not sure I agree with this. I'd say they weren't idiots - they were pushing an agenda. Fauci may have been in love with his own power.

Biden and his administration had a rough week.

He said, "Or maybe longer!" Duh....

{Here} is a New York Post article about Seymour Hersh's claims. He is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. If this is true, it's bad. 

The House is holding hearings to find out where all that covid money went.

Rep. Higgins reminded the former Twitter executives about the seriousness of what they'd done.

They've found western made parts and parts with english writing on them on the balloon and it's components that was shot down last weekend. This would mean that potentially a western company was colluding with the CCP.

Remember discernment. If they keep us divided, we don't pay attention to what they are doing!

This caught my eye last evening.


This photo has captured my heart. Pray for the people of Turkey and Syria. So much suffering. Every rescue is a victory! They rescued a baby yesterday, and everyone involved was so moved!


The death toll is much higher than that now. We keep praying that more will be rescued.

Have an excellent weekend, friends.


  1. That is such a poignant final photo. So much sorrow in this world.

    Thank you for gathering all this information from all kinds of sources.

  2. It's all about power, division and control, thank you for this information, it seems to me a lot of distractions are being presented to keep the real headlines out of the news, such as the kiss, smacked around the world. I always thought the Biden Administration had something to do with the Nord Stream pipe line blow up! I shake my head and remind myself, Psalm 21:1 of whose is in control. Little by little conservative voices are being shut down.
    Sorry to say we only have a few men like Jim Jordan in congress. Keep up the good work.


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