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Monday, February 6, 2023



I enjoyed a cup of tea this weekend in my new cup. I enjoyed it with a mini fruit pizza. I used two recipes to make the fruit pizza.

The sugar cookie recipe came from {here}. They are delicious!
The fruit pizza recipe came from {here}. The only reason I used two recipes is that I wanted to make individual pizzas and the fruit pizza recipe was for a whole cookie crust. I'm sure its delicious, too, and I will make a whole one soon!

We'd had a cold snap like so many the last part of the week and through the weekend. Now however, I we are warming up. It's going to be spring like this week! 

I went out for some shopping with my mom and Rachel on Saturday, we enjoyed church and a quiet Sunday. 

I hope to enjoy the sunshine and warm temps this week. Oh, and guess what? I saw Robins on Saturday!  I've never seen Robins at the beginning of February! Isn't that amazing?

What was your weekend like?

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