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Friday, February 17, 2023

Information Friday


Isn't this an incredible picture? It is the Brussel's Flower Carpet. An event that takes place every two years. It is entirely made out of begonias!

There is so much beauty and creativity in our world. We are given this creativity and love of beauty from our creator, who made us in his image! What a gift!

The revival that started at Asbury University, which is a Methodist university, has spread to Lee, which is Pentacostal, and to Samford, which is Baptist. A real move of God knows no boundaries! I'm praying that it continues. These young Gen-Zers are finding God. An a good reminder to those of us who are older, God meets everyone where they are at. It may not look like the revival that swept the Colonies before the revolution, it may not look like Finney's revival, or any other revival. The key is to look at what God is doing!

Tim and I have been Christians for many years. He grew up as an MK and we were involved in training, and we served stateside for a while. We've grown a lot in the years since our time in the mission. We know there is not a formula for salvation. It is a work of the spirit. We know there are kids raised in Christian homes who are adults now and don't walk with the Lord even though their parents do.

In the last several months Tim and I became aware that we knew someone who was in the news.

Sam Brinton. We were in the training with his family. (for missions) He was a sweet, redheaded little guy. He was very smart. My heart hurts for him, and for his parents. He has made choices that have lead him away from truth and into hard things. Before we made the connection that this was the Sam Brinton we knew (he went by Samuel then) I was judgy about him. Now I realize that I can discern truth, but I must pray for people and realize that I don't know what their life has been. This doesn’t mean he should not be held accountable, and others as well when they are found to have committed crimes.

This is very disturbing. We should not put biological men in women's prisons.

This scandal gets deeper and deeper.

I saw that Janice Dean from Fox had shared this information on her social media, 

Then the Bee Chief shared it and it's from NBC news.

People were vilified for sharing this kind of information. They lost their social accounts, had their paypal's removed, etc. Plus, those who have immunity from the virus, don't have myocarditis, and are not among those 'dying suddenly.'

This Ohio train derailment has long lasting environmental repercussions'. The health of people and the land is going to be damaged by this.

I believe that the narrative of spy balloons during Trump's time is breaking down. John Ratcliffe was the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and had a security briefing this week.

It turns out that the shooter at MSU this week, used a handgun. He was not legally allowed to own ANY gun because he was a convicted felon. Gun laws obviously did not stop this criminal from getting a weapon.

I think we ought to have well trained staff, at every school, that can handle a gun. And then they should post big signs about it all around the school. 

A judge has ruled that the John Does in the Epstein case must be revealed. That is supposed to happen soon.

The Epstein S*x trafficking has a lot of powerful people connected to it. That is how Ghislaine Maxwell got convicted of trafficking girls, but no clients were ever mentioned.

I think Ron DeSantis has made some good choices for Florida. I've been concerned by the Rinos - Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and others who are so openly courting him to run for President. They hate DJT. Make no mistake about it. A lot of political people realize that maga principles appeal to the most people. So they want to hijack the message and think they can have it without Trump. 

This was so bizarre. Maga people hate Soros. They won't back a candidate Soros likes.

This is one way the left has controlled the narrative for so long.

I learned a few years ago to track prominent resignations. Last month it was New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern. Now it's Nicola Sturgeon. I didn't agree with either of these women's policies. Sturgeon resigned under pressure. She's been bad for Scotland.

The other prominent resignations this week have been the CEO of YouTube, 

World Bank President David Malpass.

Generally if people have power, they don't easily give it up. There is a website that tracks resignations.

Some resignations are just normal business resignations, people leaving one job going to another. Many, however, are significant. I find the timing of some resignations interesting.

Also this week Senator Diane Feinstein's office announced she was not going to run for re-election, but when asked Feinstein said she didn't know her office put that out! I've heard she has memory issues, but she's not been going along with the Dems plans for her to resign. 

I hope you all have a good weekend. Keep praying, keep seeking truth, and keep seeking peace. Peace is a person. Jesus.


  1. The flower carpet is gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful! I'll have to reread the political info as I can't wrap my head around it all at the moment. Need some more time to read it all. Blessings to you!

  2. I was thinking about you and the Ohio train derailment, wondering how close you are to scary.

  3. What a great post, you did a lot of work compiling all these facts and incidents. The revival story gives me the most hope. I stopped when I read that part of your post and prayed that an overwhelming revival of true Christianity happens in America today. A book that I find exciting is The Kneeling Christian, a helpful guide to prayer, written anonymously in the 1930s. Give it a look if you haven't read it.

  4. You share some marvelous information Deanna, all of which I am aware as we try to keep up with the news that is not mainstream. We are so excited about the revival at Asbury, and hearing that it is going to other campuses too! Oh praise the Lord! In the midst of the darkness and evil world, we are in, God is pouring out His spirit afresh upon us! So thankful for this bountiful blessing, and I pray it reaches into every corner of every campus of the world! These young people need to experience the love of Jesus! Blessings to you dear friend :)

  5. Have read through this post a number of times since yesterday. It can be overwhelming. I pray that you don't get swamped. I am with Ben Kinchlow..."the most dangerous citizen is not armed, but uninformed."

  6. Thank you for all the hard work you do to inform us all! We are praying for a revival to sweep our nation and the world! .

  7. I always read what you have to say and I always think about it, so three points on some of your Friday post that I have thoughts on,
    * Transgender ‘men’ are not a danger to woman and children. Straight men pretend to be female in order to get close to their victims. This isn’t a new thing.
    *Getting Covid may give your more immunity from the vaccine but as someone who is personally dealing with life changing and life limiting heart disease from the illness itself, I would rather see people vaccinated and getting a milder form of the disease than I had. Covid gave me double pneumonia, sepsis, total organ failure. My heart disease is so bad that I spend ninety percent of my time on my bed and a shower makes me out of breath. All of my family have had all the vaccines and while some of them have caught Covid, none of them were ill enough to be hospitalised and they were left with no life changing consequences. My eight two year old mother had the vaccinations and has had one mild case of the illness, she pushes me in my wheelchair and I’m only in my fifties. Because of Covid I am life limited.
    *Guns. American people who are pro gun are never going to change while the rest of the world looks on in horror at the continuous mass shootings in your country. We had one mass shooting in 1996 when a teacher and sixteen five and six year olds were killed. Gun laws were tightened up and there has never been another mass shooting. The problem in your country is not gun laws but the easy availability of guns to the general public. The thought of sending my children to a school where little children do gun drills like we do fire drills is appalling, children need to be and feel safe in school, not told they can’t have backpacks or that they have to be see through. As a former primary school teacher I have thought over and over about the idea of arming teachers. Where would that gun need to be so that it is easily accessible in an emergency but safe from the inquisitive little hands of children? People in the uk don’t get killed by policeman because our police officers don’t carry guns; we have policing by consent which means that the vast majority of the population, no matter their colour, trust them and do what they’re told. Our policemen have months more training than yours do and are not trained to carry guns in that time. If you want to be a policeman with a gun then you have to have a lot more training to do so, policeman at airports carry guns but generally those trained to carry guns are brought in for specific situations, hostages or a dangerous fugitive. When the right to carry arms was written into the constitution, it allowed people to carry a blunderbuss, one shot only and at very short range, I can’t imagine that the people back then thought it would give a civilian the right to carry an automatic weapon capable of killing numerous people. I know you will never agree with me, but the solution to gun crime can never be more guns.

  8. That was me up above, I didn’t mean to me anonymous 💖


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