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Friday, September 28, 2007

Fair Day

Today is our local fair! It is a small town agricultural fair, which means no rides, but such fun.

There are tents full of local businesses with free things, our favorite is Herr's Potato chips! There are tons of animals, I drove by yesterday and my daughter saw a camel! There are tons of cakes, canned goods, sewing, drawing, photography etc on display.

Did I already say we love this fair?

Fridays are the big day, all the equine events. My girls are taking our horse Sandy, and are competing for the first time in all the fun things, like the boot race, western pleasure, and the 50 yard dash!

I will take lots of pictures, and hopefully post tomorrow!

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  1. I'm ***finally*** sending your Autumn Splendor gift today. ;o)


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