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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Pretty Flowers In The Kitchen

I am helping my friend plan the flowers for her daughter's wedding in February. It's a small wedding, 16 people total including the bridal party!

I suggested that instead of ordering flowers from my wholesaler, we go to Wegman's (very nice grocery store) and see what they have. The bride wants red and white roses as her main flowers, and since they are marrying before Valentine's Day, the roses are sure to be in abundance! 

We looked at greens, filler flowers, like Baby's Breath and Alstroemeria, and came up with a flower plan.

We ordered them so that she is certain to have what she needs the week of the wedding. The day she picks them up, she will come to my house and we'll make the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaid's bouquet, a few boutonnieres. She'll store the flowers in her cool basement and they'll be ready to go on wedding day. The rest of the flowers will be for arrangements for the tables. She'll put those together the day before the wedding. The wedding is out of state, and we've already planned how she will take the flowers with her.

I had decided to pick up a bouquet of flowers to brighten the house for the rest of January and into February, and when I saw this mix of Alstroemeria I knew it was just the thing!

I got enough flowers in it to make a smaller bouquet for the bathroom, too.

Since we are speaking of weddings, I will be coordinating a friends' son's wedding in March. But I will not be doing the flowers. I'm looking forward to helping this young couple have a lovely day celebrating the beginning of their life together!


Vee said...

Well helping with weddings in any capacity is your jam as they say. ☺️ Your bouquets are lovely and so nice in winter.

Carol said...

Your bouquets are lovely. I do love that flower, in bouquets it lasts so very long!

Linda said...

You and my Amber do love fresh flowers! She keeps a bouquet in her home nearly all the time. I tend to cut bouquets from the flowers here in the yard during the season but I seldom buy them in the stores. Louis Dean though loves roses and buys them for me several times a year.

Kim said...

I love when you share wedding posts! You have a true talent and weddings always make me smile.

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