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Monday, January 2, 2023


 Happy New Year!

I only took two photos on New Year's Eve.

Our friends Jen and Mike had their 3 year old granddaughter with them. Kyle had four friends over (one is Daniel Mike and Jen's son). The men were looking at the addition plans which we just got from the builder. There are a few changes we want to make, but over all we are pleased with it.

Jen left early with their granddaughter, our friend Dean left early, too. But there were 12 people who rang in the New Year together!

Yesterday, we had church and a quiet day at home. I took a nap, and read. Tim took the grandgirlies to the park to play and then to Mc Donald's for a treat and play time. 

Then he came home and took a nap. 

Sarah, Kyle, Tim, and I watched Top Gun Maverick last night. That was enjoyable.

Today is our 35th Wedding Anniversary!

We are going to explore North East Maryland, eat out, and enjoy the day. 

I'm grateful for our years together. There has been a lot of joy, a lot of heartache, a lot of growth and a lot of grace!

I'll try to get a photo of us together!

I hope your weekend was a good one!


  1. Congrats on 35 years of marriage! No small thing for certain. Looking forward to seeing a photo of the Anniversary Couple.

  2. Oh, all the red plaid in your headers is gone. (Insert sad face) I love red plaid! LOL!


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