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Tuesday, January 3, 2023



We are not great selfie takers but we got a photo at dinner last night.

We spent the day driving around the North East and Elkton areas of the Chesapeake Bay. We found a house for sale right on the bay - but alas, the price was too steep! LOL! It was only $1,199,000.00 when we looked it up!

We aren't looking to move anyway. We love our little four acres. 

35 years is a life time together and we were 22 and 24 when we married. God has graciously dealt with us through the years. There have been years of struggle and years of joy. 

That's life, isn't it? Through it all God has been faithful.

We're imperfect, Tim and I. We are opposites in many ways, but we have the goal of honoring God with our lives. Tim's my dear friend and faithful counselor. We make a good team.

God has given us good parents, great siblings, wonderful kids, and delightful grandkids. What blessing.


  1. How wonderful...happy anniversary to you both...this is a great picture Deanna!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both!!

  4. Wonderful picture-Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you two! May God bless you with many more...


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