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Friday, January 6, 2023

Information Friday


My wreath is still hanging in the living room as are a few garlands, but the tree is down now. The family is enjoying having the extra chair back in the living room.

Lots going on this week with the vote for a Speaker of the House. I think a lot of this is to show the establishment that the America First candidates mean business and if McCarthy wants to be speaker he needs to be for all the Republicans and for the people.

I think the establishment Republicans are learning this - 

Over the years, I have learned to trust DJT. When he says certain things, or brings up certain subjects it is always with a purpose. Sometimes its not for the public, but those whom it is for know it! He is supporting McCarthy for speaker so I will trust that DJT knows what he is doing.

These people hate YOU! It comes out as hate for DJT because he is for the people. The one on the left, Adam Schiff, is very corrupt and evil. It will all come out.

I've read that the first vaccines were okay, but then they changed. I guess we'll only ever know if we can get free speech back and lots of investigations that actually reveal information.

This is interesting.

Have you ever heard of adrenochrome? Maybe you heard it was a conspiracy theory?

Here are various bits of information that are good to be aware of.

This is excellent news!

I love a good political cartoon!

Have an excellent weekend!


  1. Good advice! Be angry with the liars. Yes, interesting times with the votes for Speaker. I am not a fan of McCarthy and so I am pleased to see some, the precious few, hold the line. Thanks for gathering of information. I appreciate you.

  2. The government cannot currently operate because of the whims of a few highly incompetent people. Even you have to admit this - Lauren Boebert dropped out of high school, can neither spell nor recite history, and her husband exposed himself to minors at a bowling alley in her presence. (police records are public, in case you'd like to confirm this for yourself.) Marjorie Taylor Greene was never elected, she ran uncontested. She cheated on her husband multiple times and disrespected families who lost their precious children to a gunman. Matt Gaetz is credibly accused of SEX TRAFFICKING MINORS. Not a rumor that you found on the dark web, but a credible investigation that resulted in the indictment of his friend, to whom he venmo'd money with the girls name in the description. Jim Jordan was accused by multiple former Ohio State wrestlers of covering up known sexual abuse by a coach. These are the people that you, a purported Christian, support? It's mind boggling. Which of those things are things are the teachings of Jesus?

  3. Thank you, Deanna, for these Friday updates. I always read these posts because you post truth - thank you for the time it takes you to do this! Let's keep praying about it all!!!! : )

  4. Excellent posts, Deanna! I also thank you for gathering them up for us to read! There is so much 'out there' that folks can find but a lot of them do not know where to look. Especially for the truth commentators. You help with that issue. Have a great week! :)


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Information Friday

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