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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

What I Am Going To Do With The Leftovers In My Refrigerator

I currently have a lot of shredded roast beef and a lot of turkey and mashed potatoes in my fridge! 

On Saturday night I put a small roast and a larger roast in my crockpot. They were frozen. I cooked them on high overnight and before we left for church we turned the heat down to low. When we got home from church, we shredded the meat for BBQ Beef sandwiches. I made a quick slaw sauce (I always use the Chick Fil A recipe) which I added to two bags of coleslaw mix from Aldi. We also heated up two cans of baked beans.

Even with 7 adults and one girl eating, we had a lot of meat left over. We don't mind this, but I want to use the meat for main meals, too. So I have a beef stew on the menu, and Tim has requested a Cottage Pie.

Since the beef is shredded, all I'll have to do for the stew is to cook some carrots and onions until softened, cut up some potatoes, and add those when I add the broth to the carrots and onions. Once the potatoes are almost done I can add in the meat. I like a thick beef stew, so I will likely thicken the broth a bit.

You can serve the stew with a can of biscuits or make your own. I'll probably do a quick artisan loaf of bread.

A Cottage Pie is the same as a Shepherd's Pie but made with beef rather than lamb. Since the meat is usually ground, I will mince my beef, likely, though Tim says not to bother. I'll add a layer of mixed veg, and use our leftover mashed potatoes from dinner last night.

I found a recipe {here}.

If you only had a bit of left over or if you live alone you could make little Cottage Pies in ramekins, and freeze them. When you wanted to eat one you could thaw it out and reheat in the oven or microwave!

I found one on Pinterest to show you.

My leftover potatoes are from our turkey meal from last evening. I had a small turkey in my freezer, and cooked it the traditional way. Everyone liked it but I am spoiled by the slow roasting method!

Anyway, all the mashed potatoes is what gave Tim the desire for Cottage Pie! The leftover turkey has given me the idea of making my Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice soup with turkey! It would be delicious! I got my recipe from Marian at Miss Mustard Seed. {here}

There is no reason that leftovers have to be eaten the same way that the meal was prepared! 

This book was highly recommended by my friend Brenda at Coffee, Tea, Books, and Me, and still is highly recommended. I have it and it encouraging, especially during times of financial hardship for so many people. 

In my mid 20's preparing to be missionaries, I learned to cook from scratch, make all my own sauces, dressings, taco seasoning etc. I still mostly cook this way. It is economical, and so much better for you than prepackaged foods. We don't eat out much anymore, so sometimes I buy prepacked foods rather than drive through somewhere when we need an easy meal. Also if we do something 'fast food' its usually pizza or Chick fil A. I buy Kyle and I lunch at CFA on our grocery run day. 

So, I'd love to hear what you'd make with my left over shredded beef, turkey and mashed potatoes!


  1. Thinking of something similar...A cottage pie with hamburger and brown gravy topped with creamed corn and leftover mashed potatoes.

  2. It all sounds delicious! I am still in mourning over overcooking a ham yesterday!!! Feeding it to my possum a little every night.

  3. I just cooked a roast in crockpot to use in vegetable soup:)

  4. We enjoy shredded beef for tacos, it’s delicious!


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