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Monday, June 10, 2024



Our Aldi had hydrangea the other day. I bought one of Friday. It was looking a bit iffy - in need of a good drink at the very least. Thankfully that's all it needed. It perked right back up and so I went on Saturday and bought four more! At $12.99 each, they are going to make an enormous impact in the garden, for not a lot of money!

Aren't they lovely?

After church yesterday, we went to our niece and nephew in law's baby shower (baby came early due to our niece having severe pre-eclampsia). Also, their church decided to combine that with a wedding reception for them, as they married two years ago in Burkina Faso. It was fun to see video of some of Emmanuel's traditions in Burkina.

I got to hold the baby a lot, and boy was that hard work! She's sweet!

This is a waterlogue app photo of her when she was a newborn. She looks much the same but has gained a pound!

She's a beauty!

Tim and our son in law Weston, got the ceiling in the living room/dining room and hallway done on Saturday. They had to do several coats of paint because of new drywall. This week is busy for Tim so Saturday will probably be painting day for the walls, and trim!

I hope your weekend was wonderful. 


Cheryl said...

Buying those hydrangeas was a great move! They will be beautiful in your yard for years to come! I love hydrangeas!

Sweet little baby girl. It was noble of you to hold her during the shower. ~wink~

Painting ceilings (although necessary!) is not the most fun part of painting . . . especially when multiple coats are required. Now the fun part begins! Your patient waiting will pay off!

Donna said...

The flowers are beautiful but not as beautiful as the sweet baby girl!

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