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Friday, June 21, 2024

Information Friday


We've been swimming every late afternoon into the early evening. We are in the midst of a heat wave and I am working to keep my hydrangea alive! Our excavator comes next week to finish the grading after the construction and Tim asked me to wait to plant these until he's done. They are gorgeous aren't they?

I've been noticing that while the left/deep state have been screeching louder, it doesn't seem to be working. People are awake. Not all, but enough. There are war drums beating, and I believe they will take us to war or at least to the precipice of war. 

Can you imagine if they send our sons and daughters to die in an unnecessary war but keep letting all these illegal men into our country? It changes the dynamic. Some states are allowing non citizens to become police officers! Don't stand for it! Write/call your local public servants, your congress people (state and federal), and your senators (state and federal)! They need to hear from you!

I am sensing a change of narrative coming. The truth is pouring out everywhere! Let's see what happens.

This is a longish video - about 7minutes but it is a good one.


I like this video of Viktor Orban, the president of Hungary.

Dave from says this all the time! They've set precedents. 

Keep praying and looking to the Lord. Don't give into fear. Fear is a LIAR, and comes from the father of lies.

We are close to restoring our republic to the shining city on a hill it once was. Hold on, friends!


Erin said...

So much great information on your blog (I think I found you via Sooze?). Love coming across patriotic blogs. Plus, fellow Texan! We live just down the road from Tomball in Klein. Figured if you'd been to Magnolia you'd at least know where Tomball was. Nobody knows where Klein is. hahaha. I look forward to reading more. Erin

Donna said...

My daughter Crystal and hubby live in Magnolia...
Great videos and news.
Come On Nov 5th!!!!
134 more days!!!

Deanna Rabe said...

Hey Erin, welcome to my home on the internet! I don’t live in Texas but I LOVE Texas! My grandad was born and raised in Texas! I visited Magnolia with my dear Texas born and raised friend!

Donna, I’m with you! Come on November!


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