As you probably know by now, I love tea. I love tea things! As I was tidying the kitchen this morning, I saw some of our tea things from last night.

My daughters and I love to have tea and host tea parties, big and small. However there is something very satisfying to put the kettle on during an afternoon or early evening, and call out "I'm making tea. Do you want some?" There is always someone who wants a cup along with me. Last evening, my husband was reading and drinking a cup of coffee with sweetened condensed milk, my oldest daughter was working on a project at the kitchen table, my son was at the computer working on his taxes. Two of the girls were playing cards at the table and the little ones were just around playing. I was reading as well, and decided it was time for a cuppa. When I asked who would want some (as this determines which size pot I use) 2 girls decided to join me. It is just a sweet thing to me, to pour them a cup and hear "thanks mom."

Do you know how to brew the perfect pot of tea? It is quite simple.

Start with cold water in your kettle. (I use an electric kettle that heats up quickly.) Cold water is full of oxygen. Once you have boiled the water, do not reheat it as the oxygen has been depleted and you will not get a very good cup of tea!

While waiting for the kettle to heat up, put hot water from the tap into your teapot to "warm the pot". After the pot is warmed pour out the water and add your tea leaves or tea bags. This warmth allows the fragrance of the tea to start coming out. When I use a diffuser, I still warm the pot so that it is ready for the hot water.

When the water is ready pour the boiling water over the tea leaves, bags, or diffuser. Allow the tea to steep 3-5 minutes. Depending on the tea used, I might steep for less time, as I don't like really strong tea.

Pour into your cup and add cream and sugar as desired. Some people prefer a bit of lemon in their tea, but do not add cream and lemon or it will curdle!

Here are some pictures of my teacups and teapots:

I am collecting Royal Doulton's "Old Country Roses" variations. I have pink ones...

holiday and chintz ones....

red, pale blue, lavender, and mint green.

I have the "Old Country Roses tea pot, creamer, and sugar bowl. My husband found them last year at the Royal Doulton Outlet, as a set for $70.00 . The teapot alone at the outlet is normally over $100.00 so all I can say is that it was a God thing! Behind the "Old Country Roses" you can see my very first teapot. My husband purchased it for my birthday about 18 years ago!

Here are my other teacups.

We have purchased them for anniversaries, I have received them for birthdays, and Christmas....a few belong to my daughters!

My husband likes to buy me "unusual" teacups, hence my square, footed teacup, and the pink floral one on top of it with the unusual bowl shape.

If you are still with me after this long post, bless you, and thank you for indulging me today!


  1. That's a lot of tea cups!! Very pretty!

    I like the teeny cup and saucer my neighbor gave me that is stamped on the bottom "made in occupied Japan"! That is when my dad was there!!

  2. Your tea things are so pretty!
    We went into a shop in Northern Ireland called Tiffanys on the Square and I imediatly thought of you. There were antiqus, candles and lots and lots of tea things!
    I wish i could have brought it all home for you!

  3. I love sipping tea at your home.
    It is one of the few places that I drink tea. It really does taste better the way you make it!

    Now I know why!

    Becky K.

  4. I love tea too! My assistant and I drink it almost every morning. Her daughter sometimes will make it for us as she is waiting to go to class. Its always a warm treat! Beautiful sets by the way!!

  5. I am very encouraged by reading how your life runs :) God is working through you in so many ways. Thank you for everything.


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