Thursday, July 17, 2008

Five Things I Love

I have been tagged by Jan. I am not going to list the obvious, God, Tim, kids, family here is the rest of my loves!

1. I love to encourage women in their walk with the Lord, and in having a biblical worldview.

2. I love to plan events....weddings, teas, movie nights etc...if it requires ideas and pulling it together, I love it!

3. I love Royal Albert tea cups and teapots! I love to collect the pattern variations.

4. I love the area where we live. I am crazy for the beauty of the hills, trees, flowers, cornfields, stars at night...

5. I love History! Especially American History, but I love to see how God has been at work in the world since creation!

Now I am tagging:

Becky at Hospitality Lane, Miss Paula at Gathering of Friends, Alicia at Renewed In Him, Melissa at Elijah's Adventures, Nicole at Life in Jesus.

You now know more about me - scary isn't it?


  1. Its not scary...I love it!! I am with you on planning things, I love to plan too!!! I will do this tomorrow...I already posted one for today. Thanks!!!

  2. It's wonderful!!! Thanks for playing along!!


  3. I left my list on my blog today...


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