They're Coming!

We are excited around our cottage today, because some of the lovely people in this photo will be coming today! Miss Paula, Evan and Kaitlin will be winging their way for a 2 week visit.
Miss Paula will get to meet Becky in person on this trip. Becky and I have a surprise for her, and want to take her to Longwood Gardens.
Besides that we will likely swim alot - they are bringing HOT weather with them.
Have a great trip guys, can't wait to see you!


  1. Have fun...and blessings to all of you!!


  2. But it's a **dry** heat. ;o)

    Have a fantabulous time!

  3. Today it is 92 degrees with HIGH humidity, making it feel like 100 degrees! That is hot for here!

    The girls are working, but with the family coming, we will pick the girls up from work and then head to Grandma's to swim and wait for the big arrival!

  4. I just know you will have a wonderful time! Enjoy!




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