Friday, July 11, 2008

Road Trip 2

This was the destination of our road trip yesterday. About 3 hours drive from our home.

This was the kids favorite thing to do. We were on the top of the 6 story parking structure at the airport, watching helicopters land, airplanes take off and the fun airtrain come into the station and leave!

Here Elijah and Kyle are waiting for the airtrain. This cool thing takes you all around the airport complex.
We used Geoff's gps system on his phone "Lola", to find a restuarant away from the airport.

They had a wonderful booth that fit all 10 of us, but the food took awhile to arrive.

The natives were getting restless, so we took drastic measures....
and brought the silly faces out!!!! Kyle can curl his tongue!

Rachel can stick sugar packets to her face.

Elijah can make silly faces while wielding a pink plastic sword!

"Hey boys, sit down here so we can take your picture."

"No, don't lay down, sit up."

"Quick they are both sitting up."


And a picture with Cousin Sarah on her last day as a Five year old!

Geoff, Melissa and Elijah. Off to follow the Lord's leading for their lives.

We loved spending time with you yesterday!


  1. Oh my, this post made me laugh so hard! Those silly faces and trying to get elijah to sit still for a picture! Fun times! =)

    Thank SO much for driving so far to come meet us at the airport. That was the best part of our day.

    I love all the pictures. You wrote such a good post i think i'll just send everyone over from my blog is they want to read about it.

    Love ya!

  2. Looks like Geoff is taking a little YeeHaa back with him to Ireland!! How fun for them!!

  3. Those pictures are great. What special memories you gave the kids.

    Best wishes and prayers to Melissa and Geoff too.

    Becky K.


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