Tea Party

Today, there was a Tea Party in blogland and I missed it somehow.. Sniff, sniff. These lovely looking folks hosted it. If you visit their site, you can scroll down and visit all the other tea parties that went on today.

I can't believe it. If I would have known, I could have shown my pretty tea things.

Like my collection of Old Country Roses variations.

My pretty teapots that we use on a regular basis, like every day.

Or all these lovely teacups....

I really do use all these tea things, as I do annual teas for my church, and for my co-op Moms.

I guess I will need to go drown my sorrow by drinking some PG Tips with my darling.


  1. That's so great that you use your pretty tea things every day. So many times people have them but feel they are too special to use. But i think by using them and makng memories with them that makes them even more special!

  2. Hi...I noticed this post of yours, about missing our Tea Party. Well, we are having another Tea Party on August 8th...please check out our blog and if you're able, be sure to register for it!!!



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