The Unexpected Night and Day

Do you ever have those?

After many busy but wonderful days, we were anticipating an early evening. Then Rachel came home from a sleep over at Grandma's with her tummy not feeling good. So we had a bit of a later night, but still not bad. We were watching Voddie Baucham's series on "Marriage by Design", when Kyle started coughing, the croupy kind of coughing. Bad, croupy coughing.

We got him settled with us. He snuggled in by Tim and we finished that part of the dvd. Kyle's croup got worse, I held him upright. Before bed I had given him some meds. for his runny nose, figuring it would keep him from being bothered by it in the night and waking up. Sigh...

Finally, enough time had passed that I could give him some cough medicine. It is a homeopathic kind that works really well, and sure enough within 30 minutes he was much better and really sleeping. Great, I can go to sleep now.

Did I mention the really strong thunderstorm outside? Man, the lightning sounded like it was right over the house! I wondered how the horses were liking it, but not enough to go check on them! The storm was interfering with my sleep. I think I finally went to sleep but then Rachel came in not feeling good. SIGH......

She just didn't feel good, in her tummy. Not sick, like a tummy bug, but just not good. This has been an ongoing thing, so we did our usual thing, and she went to sleep. Morning came way to soon.

Busy morning, too. Girls to work, fuel for the van, dropping by my parents house. Then home. A while later, Rachel again starts with the not feeling good, but this time she is crying and pacing. I finally called the doctor and got an appointment. The nature of it suggested gas pains, but she wasn't complaining of pain really.

My plan for the day was to do some cleaning, and reading, get the girls from work, make dinner...instead it required a babysitter (Thanks Chelsea!) and a trip to the doctor. The diagnosis is a possible dairy intolerance. We will be cutting dairy out of her diet for a bit to see if that helps.

Now I sit here at the computer, dog tired with two kids with colds, the others home from work and off as a group to friends. Tim's van is in need of a little tlc, so the dad of the family is going to check it out, and give Tim advice. The girls of course are all going to chat away with their friends, including Chelsea, who stayed for dinner.

Now, I need to get the little ones ready for bed, and myself too!

Good Night.


  1. poor rachel i will be there soon to play with her and then she'll feel better. i cant wait less than a week and i get to see you guys i just need to get through 2 more days of school blah. well have fun but not to much fun save some for when we are there ha ha.



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