Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Birthday Train Ride

Our little guy loves trains! Big surprise I'm sure, as so many little boys are fascinated with them! There is a local railroad that runs steam engines, and Sunday we took the birthday boy and one of his sisters for a ride.

Here he is with his ticket to ride.

Watching for the other steam engine, they pass each other along the way.

Taking it all in. I took this photo by reaching out through my window, I love how it turned out.

A beautiful young lady joined us on this special trip.

One very well pleased little man. Happy Birthday Kyle - we love you so.


  1. Happy birtday to your sweet Kyle! We just did the Hawk Mountain line (in Kempton) the other day and Grace loved it...so did her parents, LOL.

  2. Those are some really sweet pictures! Kyle and Sarah looked like they had a great time.
    In that last picture of Kyle, i can see Uncle Tim.
    Ok, Elijah is asking for "more Kyle". =) He liked seeing pictures of his cousin.

    PS. The sunset picture on our blog is a painting i found of the area here. If you click on the painting it'll take you to the artist's site.

    have a great day.


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