Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Homekeeping II

Yesterday, after we completed school, I refreshed our bedroom by moving some furniture around.

Recently the bed was in front of the window and we had a larger bookcase in our room as well.

Moving the bed on an angle opened up the room.

I like the space I have now between the bed and dresser. The room is less cluttered and more restful now.

Here is the bookcase in the hall.

We are enjoying the change very much.


  1. Now that's a nice decorating idea. The room looks great and I really like those pretty pillows. Tapestry?

  2. Welcome to my blog, Lisa!

    The pillows are actually a part of a Waverly bed set. I don't have the comforter on because of summer.

  3. I love the changes too..bet it just *feels good*....

  4. Your bedroom looks really pretty. I love the colors. I recently moved our dining table on an angle and really like it. It opens up the room. Love your pillows too.



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