Saturday, August 16, 2008


"Lunchtime Preparations", by William Blacklock

Today I get to do something I love...puttering around my house! There is much tidying to do and then I have some rearranging, organizing, and freshening to do.

We also will be freezing corn to enjoy in the middle of winter in yummy soups.

I love having charge of my home and making it a warm, welcoming, lovely place to be.

Enjoy your day!


  1. It's kind of nice that a lot of my furniture is in the garage because there isn't much to pick up here!!

    Window people just called to confirm Wednesday's install date!!

    I have to think about what to hang on the walls now and curtains etc. I am not good at this at all!!!

    Let me know what you rearranged!

  2. Well, all I got accomplished today was moving the narrow, but tall bookcase from the hallway into the office. Then I switched books from the big bookcase in there to the narrow one, and put the kids school books on the big one. This way I have displayed abit to entice them into art projects etc...and it is not at the end of the hall where it would all come spilling out......

    It always takes longer than you think, and Tim and I are going to a Barnstormers game tonight, so I am done for the day.

  3. Oh, how I wish I could come help you with putting your rooms together - I love doing this!!!!

  4. We love corn but have had a difficult time getting rid of all the silks. Any tips?

    Ruth, PA

  5. They make brushes for getting the silk off - check out a kitchen supply store where they sell kitchen gadgets!

  6. What a perfect picture for this post, MrsRabe! Love it. Any idea the name so I can go find it on allposters?

    I'll be making some changes in our home as well. Our laundry room, while small, has an excellent little area for my sewing machine. I'll be spending 15 minute increments here and there this week to declutter the cupboards in there and spiff things up. Then Rocky can put my sewing machine there and I'll have necessaries at hand along with a stool. When all is done I'll take pictures and put them on my blog. :o)

  7. Just read your blog for the first time. Glad I'm not the only mom who has a zoo. I also homeschool too.

  8. Lady Jane,

    The picture is called "Lunchtime Preparations" by an artists whose name is William Blacklock.

    I will remedy the lack of credit- I just realized I forgot to do that!


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