Friday, August 1, 2008

Feminine Friday

For today's Feminine Friday, I wanted to share my Skechers! They are so delightful and comfortable and look great with skirts as well as capris. I where them almost constantly and they still look great! We went to the Skechers outlet the other day and I was spying out my next pair - they are sooo cute!


  1. Hey I have those!! I love them too, because at work we have to wear close toed shoes and these work great with pants or skirts!! I need to get over to the sketcher outlet here before work starts back up again!!!

  2. The shoes are so cute. They're up to the minute, yet have that lacy, feminine touch, too. Great pair.

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth! I do feel with it having Skechers! I usually am not a trendy kind of gal.

    Welcome Jeepakistan. I am glad you like my blog.

  4. And you have a criss cross tan on your feet from them!!!

  5. Such a pretty lace effect on the shoes - I have a white eyelet skirt that would go well with these. :o)

  6. Okay, I want a pair too....They are adorable!!

    Happy Feminine Friday!


  7. Those are cute. I have such a hard time finding girlie shoes. Everything looks like a guy wear.
    I just bought a pair of sandles. What is cute is they have holes in the shape of flowers.

  8. Ahhh, Mrs. Rabe! Those ROCK! They're so pretty - sooo pretty! I can barely control my typing right now, LOL! They've gotta be from the Skecher's outlet in Lancaster, right? ;o) If so...I may be making a trip up there. We were just at Dutchwonderland this weekend in fact! So, so close!

    Beautiful share, what delightful footwear!


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