Friday, August 22, 2008

Feminine Friday

This is my favorite perfume.

Everytime I wear it, my husband says "You smell good!" I smile, as it is all thanks to him. He keeps me supplied!

About a month ago, I used my last bit of "Beautiful" and mentioned it in passing to him. Not like "you need to go buy me more!", but just in passing.

This last week, my darling completely surprised me by stopping by the perfume shoppe and buying me a new bottle!

That said love to me.

And now I smell "Beautiful" again!


  1. Oh how lovely and so thoughtful! Indeed Estee Lauder beautiful is as its name says...beautiful! Enjoy, and have lovely weekend!



  2. How beautiful! I too love to receive gifts from my husband, especially surprise ones. :)

  3. That was so sweet of your darling.

    Sounds like he's a keeper, for sure. LOL

  4. My husband loves the new Marc Jacob's Daisy perfume. Perfume does make you feel feminine!

  5. How thoughtful and sweet! :o) I love the way that Beautiful smells. I also always thought that they had some of the prettiest commercials for it, LOL.

    Have a "fragrant" rest of the weekend, Mrs. Rabe!


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