Lights in the Garden

I love white lights in my cottage garden.  I just have a really hard time photographing them!

If you came to my home in the evening you would pass the lamppost and go through the arch...

You would come past my beautiful climbing roses...

I love this shot of them with the lights showing from behind...

This is a shot from my front door...

This cool photo was taken by Rachel...we thought it looked like candles or that the fence was on fire...

Do any of you have any tips for photographing lights at night so that they look right?  We would love to learn to do this right!


  1. I don't have any points. I'm just a point and shoot gal!
    The last photo does look like candles. Your home and yard look so inviting!

  2. These photos look so nice, I really like your lights, thank you for sharing...

  3. Thank you so much for leaving a comment, I love to hear from others. I love lights too. It adds such a special touch to your beautiful home.

  4. Love it! It must be so pretty to drive up to your home at night! I don't have any tips either. The only thing I did last Christmas was to take photos at dusk not when it was completely dark. I'm sure there's a setting on cameras that you use but I've never read my manual!


  5. ....I am a fan of white lights...I think I could keep Christmas lights up all our area it does not get dark till about 9:30 in the it would probably be pointless...
    they look lovely.

  6. I think the fenceposts, in the photo that Rachel took, look like candles.

    The only way to get good pictures of these lights when it is dark is to have a camera that allows you to set your aperture, f-stop and shutter speed. I don't know of any fully automatic cameras that have this ability. It really takes a SLR (single lens reflex) camera to do the job right.

    Maybe I, or Emily with my camera, could accomplish this for you sometime when we are visiting into the night:)


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