Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some Senior Pictures

I took a few "informal" senior pictures the other day.  Lindsay needed one for a write up for our co-op yearbook.  She is a casual kind of girl and these outdoor shots suit her.

However, you just can't stop the love of a young brother, even though you are trying to take pictures.

So why not let every one join in?

Lindsay is a delight to our family, and we look forward to what the Lord has for her. 


  1. They turned out great!

    I'm glad she didn't go "formal".

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. She is a beautiful young lady, and I can easily see her joyful spirit in those pictures!

  3. What beautiful pictures of my sweet Lindsay girl and of course all the pictures are delightful. What beautiful grandchildren I have. I am indeed blessed.

  4. Nice pictures!

    You have beautiful children.

  5. Dear Rabes,
    Hi! I love getting on your blog and seeing how you all are! I send a big hug from GA!
    When I saw Lyndsas pictures,I was touched to the heart. I just wanted to say how beautiful she is,not the kind of beauty you get from a jar,but the awesome kind that comes from loving the Lord and trying to honor your parents,and having joy in your heart! I know she is a blessing to you all! May she draw closer to the Lord in the days and years to come. What a wonderful friend and God He is as we walk through life!
    Much Love,
    Katie Smith

  6. Ohh, those are great pictures! Lindsay is such a beautiful young lady!

  7. Aw, great pics! The last picture of her is so good!

  8. She is such a beautiful young woman. It's all the PA fresh ait , sunshine, and your delicious cooking! ;)
    Ruth, PA

  9. Thank you all for your sweet comments!

    Katie Smith - so wonderful to hear from you! We love y'all and are so happy for you all on the birth of that sweet precious daughter! I am sending you something soon!

  10. You will have soooo much fun this senior year you can sy your almost done with school and then off the college woo hoo i have 2 weeks left and i cant wait and im excited to come see you guys


  11. Katie,

    Lindsay is graduating this year! We will be celebrating in late June!

  12. Your Lindsay has a SWEET face! The pictures were fun and I'm warmed that the others got to POP IN as well!


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