Update on Tim

Tim is at eight weeks for recovery tomorrow....and he goes back to work!  His therapist says he can and so does the doctor.  He will still do therapy for a few weeks as he only just started it last week.  He is making progress but the years of a bad hip have made the muscles very tight...

We are going to miss him so much!  He has done so well, that he was not laid up very long!  We have not finished our book "The Scottish Chiefs," but hopefully will get it finished one day.  We have had a glimpse into what life used to be like when men worked closer to home and their families worked alongside them.  What a difference it is.  The children lose so much by not spending lots of time with their daddies.  Kyle got to see how a Christian man behaves in his day to day interactions with others.  So did the girls, of course, but I was thinking of what a benefit to sons to be able to walk alongside their dads, to learn how to become men.

The kids all got to go along and be helpers as my darling did what God has gifted him to do - serve others.  Tim loves to have the kids along, and they love being with him.

We are entering a new phase again of our lives...Tim back to work, Lindsay and Emily will start work soon at the corn maze, Lindsay is finishing her "official" years of school.

The Lord has been so good to us - meeting every need.  Thank you all for your prayers for Tim and for us all.


  1. Tim made the best use of his "down time"!

    What a blessing both of you are to us personally and at church.

    Praying for strength and peace as Tim reenters the job site.


  2. It is so beautiful here, so peaceful and calm...I love that. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day. Though I am not fully aware of all the details of Tim's recovery, I am so happy to hear he is doing so much better. I too am recovering from major surgery and beginning to feel like my old self once again.:o) You and your family enjoy a beautiful week.



  3. That's wonderful news that he has healed so well! The therapy will help those muscles work good again.

  4. Precious blessings are happening at the Rabe home. Sweet. :o)

    I'm so behind in visiting. sigh. Your blog is not a quick visit. I need time to drink it in and swirl it around in my heart of hearts. Soon.


  5. We are glad that God has blessed Tim with a speedy recovery. We will pray as we are sure he will be tired after work, since he had so many weeks off and then doing therapy as well.

    Wouldn't it be nice if our dear homeschool fathers could all work at home and have the children witness his doing so.

    You and Tim and your family are an inspiration and blessing to us. We look up to you and appreciate that we can seek some advice, guidance, and advice from the two of you since you are ahead of us in child-rearing, as well as in your spiritual walk. We truly cherish the times we get to spend with your family.

  6. Praying the transition goes smoothly for Tim, as well as the rest of you.

    Glad to hear he's doing so well, though!


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