"Our homes, imperfect as they are, must be a haven from the chaos outside. They should be a reflection of our eternal home, where troubled souls find peace, weary hearts find rest, hungry bodies find refreshment, lonely pilgrims find communion, and wounded spirits find compassion.”
~ Jani Ortlund

Friday, May 29, 2009

True Friendship

This has been a tough week for me so it was a real blessing to go to Very Calm and read her post...it brought tears to my eyes as I thanked my heavely Father for His grace to me and for being the One we can always rely on!

Thanks Caryn.

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Becky K. said...

I, too, am so thankful for the friendship in Jesus.
I do still love my human friends, though. Thanks for being one of those.
We go through hard times but hopefully come out stronger on the other side. Our children are watching and learning from all that we do...including our friendships.

Take care...see you soon.