Home Sweet Home

I found this beauty of a plate at Target!  I spent more than I normally would for a plastic plate, but it is just so me and so perfect for my house, and it is a few weeks until my birthday, so I totally justified it!

It sits on top of my hutch.
I love it.

I did some sewing today and my granddaughter came for a visit as well....I am so blessed.  We had a lovely dinner altogether, lots of holding of Kamryn, the kids played...it was a Home Sweet Home kind of day.


  1. Your new plate matches your blog! LOL! These must be your favorite colors. Adorable. Lisa~

  2. Lisa,

    I told you it was so me!

    I love it!

  3. that plate is indeed very much *you*. :o)


  4. "great" plate...and if it is almost your birthday..why not?...sometimes those little extras are just what we need...think the Lord understands !


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