Poison Ivy, The Bane Of My Existence....


I have decided to not show you the poison ivy on my arm, neck, and face.  It is sad.  So I am only going to show you lovely things.  

I am now on a steroid cream and oral steroids.  sigh....The Jewel Weed 'tea' Lindsay made and soaked her hands in worked very well...for her.  For Rachel and I not so much.  We are highly sensitive to skin issues and by the time the poison ivy shows it ugly self, it is too late for us.  My doctor said that they have found that the over the counter items don't work to get rid of it.  But some of the itch things do work for that.  However, for those of us whose rashes turn 'weepy' right away and spread...only steroids will do the trick.  


In between phone calls to the doctor and visits to their office, I have been enjoying the latest issue of my favorite magazine!  This month highlights a visit to The Lakes District in England.  One day, I will get there.  It is so stunningly beautiful.  When I get done with this post I may have to brew a pot of tea and have a cuppa and peruse this issue again!  It will keep my mind of the rash, don't you know?

One thing the doctor told me when Rachel was put on the steroids was that it can have an energizing effect and that she may not sleep well.  It didn't seem to bother her, but me?  Last night I was wide awake!  So I read, I blogged, I played a Nancy Drew computer game, I read some more.  Tim came home surprised that his usually sleeping wife was bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I wasn't hyper or anything.  Just awake.  So he showered got into bed and went to sleep.  Me?  I read and read and read.  He rolled over and said, "Your going to be tired tomorrow."  I answered, "I know but I am wide awake."  He was asleep again already.  By the time I finished the book, it was 4:00 am.  Almost time to get up.  I turned out the light and lay there awhile before I could sleep.  I really think that the main reason was that I had an evening appointment and didn't take my first dose (60mg) until after 9:00pm.  I took today's dose much earlier, so hopefully that combined with a very short night, will work to allow me to get my much needed beauty sleep!

Want to know what I was reading?  An old copy of Grace Livingston Hill's book "Happiness Hill."  I do not always agree with all of the theology of her books, but I do love that the characters that come to know Christ are changed by becoming a Christian.  This book, as most of her books, have wonderful descriptions of the home life of the characters.  What they had for meals, or how a room was laid out or decorated.  It's lovely reading.  This is one of my favorites, the other favorites being "The Substitute Guest" and "Marcia Schulyer."


I am looking forward to a day with my younger children and my husband tomorrow.  Mostly grocery shopping, but I love to spend time with them!  It will be fun to be together.  This weekend is supposed to cool down to the low 70's!  Hallelujah!  Autumn is on it's way!


  1. ... and in the midst of such a bothersome (and even serious!) ailment, she gifts her readers with delightful thoughts. you're amazing. ((( hug )))


  2. I am sorry you are still dealing with the poison. Praying that you are feeling better very, very soon.

    Becky K.

  3. Oh, my! I sure hope you heal quickly. How miserable that is!

    I agree with you concerning the Grace Livingston Hill books. It is nice to read clean novels. Have you ever read her daughter's books? Personally, I believe she is a better writer. You can read abut her fascinating life here.


    You will be in my prayers this weekend. Hope healing comes quickly!
    Love to you!

  4. I had to take steriods years ago because my joints swelled and I was in such pain I could barely walk. A few hours after the first pill I felt wonderful, so good in fact that later in the day I push mowed our lawn. It can really change your energy level.

  5. Sorry the answer wasn't as simple as having some brewed tea or using over the counter cremes. Get better soon!


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