Slowing Down...

In my dreams....

Our homeschool co-op starts next week....I have so much to finish before then.  Name tags, printing off attendance sheets, finishing prep for my class on manners....

Also, I have to go to the church we meet in and sort through our co-op closet! Scary! But I am taking my crew and another gal from the group to help me!  I think it will get done pretty quickly this way.

I also have a busy week ahead; we will be attending a memorial service for a friends' father on Wednesday and then on Thursday our friends from Cozy Comforts have invited us to share their joyous day as they have the court finalize their adoption!  We are very excited for them!  We will be attending the whole proceeding and then going to lunch with them!  Fun stuff!

I also have had to reschedule my annual Mom's tea from October to September, which means it will be taking place a week from today.  So, that means, I need to go through my Autumn decor and put it up a bit earlier than I usually do.  The good thing about it is it will be done.  And I love Autumn, and I love this Tea Party.  It will be like a reward to me for all my hard work!

But as for slowing down...I really am working toward that...I need more margin in my schedule...I want to enjoy the days with my kids and family, not always be dictated to by this frenetic schedule that has overtaken my life...


  1. Margin? What does that mean??


    I hope you get your to-do list done, and that you find joy in the doing, dear friend!


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