In Bloom



 Entry to the front garden...feverfew, and spirea in bloom...

 Lights on the fence...

 Zephrine Drouhin - in the front garden...
 Love this rose...

 Peach roses, echinacea ready to bloom and spent peonies...

 Years ago I bought all the daylilies that I have for a dollar a plant at an Amish purchase for the garden ever!  They bloom and bloom and provide beauty all summer!


 I have had these pink climbing roses for about 10 years...They don't looks so well this year, but I like them alot any way.

 I don't know if it is the heat but all of my roses on this bush have brown edges, otherwise they look fine.

 Small white climbing roses...they are very sweet and perfect!

This is the pink climbing rose at the corner of the deck.  When the addition is added this rose will need to move...I have no idea where I will put it all!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my garden in June...I love this time of year.  Soon, the daisies, black eyed susans, and cone flowers will all be blooming and make the most perfect country bouquets for the house!

Do you have a flower garden? 


  1. Hi Mrs. Rabe,

    Your garden is lovely.
    It makes me long for more flowers in my own yard.

    Have A Peachy Keen Weekend!

  2. Your yard is beautiful!!

    We have some flowers here, I am waiting for them to bloom, since I started them from seeds awhile ago. Most of our land is designated for the garden and other food goods, in order to be used later on. Flowers are one of those 'luxuries' around these parts!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Lovley garden! I'm looking forward to the day when i have my own yard and can fill it with flowers!

  4. You probably already know this but I hear coffee is good for roses. When ever you have a post like this I think BEAUTIFUL! Your garden & house should be featured in a magazine!


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