Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kyle Gets A Buzzard

 He had been asking for weeks...

 if he could get a "buzzard."  His big brother was over, and regularly cuts his hair like this so he talked Emily through it and helped with the back.

 Kyle and Nate both have that cute cow lick right in front and this is a great hair cut for them both.

Oh, yeah.  Lookin' good, don't ya' think?


  1. I ♥ "buzzards"! And, yes! He IS lookin' good.

  2. That "buzzard" suite him just right.

    A reminder to Nate that little brother loves him and is watching

  3. My "favorite boy" is so handsome.

  4. OH MY WORD WHAT A CUTTIE PIE HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Luv the buzz!!! My son always wore a buzz cut when he was little....
    um...wait a minute....come to think of it...he still does...
    Marine's are kinda funny about makin sure their guys all have those really short hair cuts...LOL.

    Have A Peachy Keen Day!

    Love & Prayers, Ronda

  5. Oh my goodness, He is SO SO adorable! I like his new hairbuzz!

  6. He is lookin' good-and looking older these days. :-( They grow up so fast, don't they?

    Sorry I missed wishing Rachel a happy birthday. So, belated Happy Birthday wishes to your sweet girly!

  7. He looks like Uncle Robbie!

  8. My favorite haircut for men of all ages!

  9. He's the cutest "buzzard" I have ever seen!

  10. Looks nice and cool! Brave sister; brave little brother. Nice buzzard.

  11. adorable! ;) I truly love his freckles! What a sweet face he has!

  12. lookin' good :-) w/love (P.S. love to Rachel too, since I didn't say it on the post comment about her)


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