Just Taking A Moment

Busy day today...

I am going to paint Kyle's bedroom.  After Nate moved out, this room became my office/sewing room.  We painted it "Baklava" which means it was a warm goldish color.  

When we moved Kyle in there I asked what color he would like his room to be.  He said "blue!"  Today is the day.  I am hoping the color is right...you how that goes sometimes.

Then later we are going to a fire company picnic.  My Dad has been a volunteer with them for over 10 year, and served as Fire Police Captain for 9 and President for 2 or 3 years.  This should be a fun event!

Well, off to paint!



  1. Hopefully the color turns out!!! I am the designated painter in our house, since I love to paint (I love things that take patience and time). Have a great day!


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