A Little Rearranging Goes A Long Way

Kyle has the smallest bedroom in the house, which is fine, as he is the only boy living at home.  Everyone else shares a room.

You can see the basic way his room has been configured here. The main issue with the way we had his furniture was that in this small room we ended up with a bowling alley affect between the bed and bookcase and they little spots at the ends of the bed and bookcase for his little desk and to play.  When we had friends over the boys (and there are a lot of them) are all crammed into this space.

I had an idea this week and it has worked out beautifully.

 I thought what if we moved his bed to the outside wall?  He has a rail along the backside of the bed that would keep him from rolling into the window or kicking it.
 The light from the window would make the play space under the bed lighter.

 We moved this bookcase (which Tim made by the way) to the short wall where the bedroom door is, which is to the right of this photo.  His desk is now on the wall were his bed used to be just to the left and out of sight of this photo.

It all works very well leaving a nice open space to set up train tracks or play with the cars, or legos.

We all really like it.  Kyle did his reading on his bed yesterday, and I found Rachel up there by the window reading yesterday too.
  George approves as well.  He is now located in a prime space to inspire and keep an eye on all those little boys.

So what do you think?  Do you like to rearrange?  Change this up?  Make your space more functional for your family?



  1. Not only is this great for the additional functional space but I LOVE that photo of Kyle reading away with the light streaming in.

    I used to love rearranging but I've lost my mojo in recent years. It will be back once things aren't so cluttered up here.

  2. I do like to rearrange, but for whatever oddball reason, I generally end up putting it back where it started. I love the bed where you put it. It's perfect there. For some reason, it makes it kind of adventurous to me or something.

    And I really love that bookcase!

  3. His room looks great and what a great place to read :)

    My kids call me the queen of rearranging!! I love, love, love to move things around. Not just because my eyes need to ways to look at things, but because, like you, I'm often trying to find the best use of space(7 kids, and lots of stuff). Plus, the huge bonus with changing things up a lot, you really get to deep clean and declutter spaces.
    Also, as I get older, my style and tastes change, along with the needs of my family as they grow, so rearranging rooms and stuff is just a natural part of homemaking for me.

    Have a lovely day,

  4. Sometimes all it takes is a little thinking to determine what would work well. Bet that light from the window makes a cozy reading spot!

  5. Love it! I rearranged my room recently in a similar way, placing my bed in front of a window and opening up more floor space. It has been wonderful, amazing how those few square feet more room can make so many things easier :-)

  6. I ♥ rearranging furniture...although I do it less frequently as I get (ahem) older and as the rooms are filled with more.

    Don't you just love a rearranging epiphany though? I can get really excited over such things! Like your inspiration about Kyle's room which made everything work so much better! Hooray! A few years ago, I had an epiphany about my master bedroom and tried a furniture arrangement that I had (duh!) never even thought to try before. It seemed to double the space!

    Like I said, I can get really excited over such things. :D

  7. What a lovely room. Is it o.k. that I called a boy's room lovely? Good, because it is!

    I get bouts of rearrange-itis but when it passes it's gone for quite some time. I kind of like to hunker down with furniture and just liven things up by changing the 'stuff'. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. I love rearranging furniture. I don't do it as much as I used to, but it's always fun. Moving stuff around provides a new perspective.
    Love the photo of your boy reading with his hat on.

  9. What a GREAT change! And YES! I love to rearrange.


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