Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013 - In Pictures

 Waiting patiently for the eggs to dye...

My friend Amy and I did the tables for our Easter Breakfast at church.  Those are some of Amy's beautiful Polish Easter eggs.

 Sunrise Easter Morning....He is Risen indeed!

 Lindsay was our official photographer!

We had a wonderful church service celebrating our Risen Savior!

Then, a delightful lunch, egg hunt, fellowship, and we ended the night with Mexican Train and 14. 

This last photo is from my instragram....

I hope you had a special day, too!


  1. Makes me smile! And here's another family that plays Mexican Train. Now I really must learn. I also like the way the beautiful Polish Easter eggs are displayed in candle sticks...lovely!

  2. Wow! The eggs turned out with such deep, beautiful colors! (Three of our grandchildren are going to be with us this week - we'll dye Wed or Thurs.

    I'm interested in the game "14". We're enthusiastic game players and always on the lookout for new ones :)Are the rules simple - or should I try to google them - well maybe not google after the Chavez thing :(

  3. Looks like a delightful day...from start to finish!

    Your eggs are such vivid colors! Love Rachel's hair! Love Kyle's enthusiasm at the egg hunt! The photos of Kamryn are absolutely beautiful!

  4. These are great photos. So glad it didn't rain TOO much for the egg hunt.

    We had a delightful afternoon with the Moms, Mike and Jenny. So much food and chatting. Then off to Starbucks for Warren, Chelsea and I. It was a wonderful way to end such a great day.

  5. Our day was somewhat quieter than usual. I guess it's the absence of children in the fold these days. Still, it was a beautiful day for a beautiful reason and a beautiful Savior.

    I love your friend's Polish eggs.

  6. Wow, most eggs I see are pastel colored, yours were so vibrant! I thought all the girls had such lovely french braids.

    Looks like a wonderful family-filled day. :)

  7. The Polish Easter eggs are beautiful! Looks like you all had a lovely day!


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