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Tonight was a quiet night around our house.

The younger three are on an overnight to Camp Geezer, which is what my Dad calls there house.  It has a theme song too, to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies.

"Son, let me tell you 'bout a man named Bob.
             Moved from California, retired from his job.
             Moved back East to a place called Kinzers.....

              Opened up a club called Camp Geezer!

          Swimming pool, Big Screen TV, wii game and all....."


Since the other girls were at work, Tim picked me up from the store and we got a quick bite to eat, ran a few errands and headed home for the evening.  Emma got home first, and then Lindsay and our friend Sarah, who proceeded to make crepes with nutella, strawberries and whipped cream!  Wowzer!

We spent a good portion of the evening reading, with some talking and coffee and tea drinking taking place.  It was oddly quiet.  

As Tim said "This is enjoyable, but I miss my other kids!"  Me too!

I thought I would show you what I am reading these days.

 The Silver Needle Murder by Laura Childs is my current book.  I love her Tea Shop Mysteries.

 This book was shown on Brenda's blog last week.  She only got the first three letters of the title in the photo!  Torture!  Fortunately she's sweet and told me the title right away.  I thought I had read all the Tea Shop Mysteries out there but No!  There were three, including a brand new one that I hadn't read.  So quickly I requested them from the library and voila!  I have two weeks to finish them.  With Easter this weekend, it might be tough but I think I can do it.

Speaking of Brenda - can I please request pray for her?  She had eye surgery in the fall last year and is going to have surgery tomorrow again.  She has some leakage due to diabetes.  Please pray for the surgery and that her A1c numbers come down.

So....what are you reading these days?


  1. I had forgotten about these books. I remember a while ago you told me about them. I'll have to look them up on my Kindle and get them on there so I remember to read them. I love mysteries! Glad you found some new ones.

    Praying for Brenda. Sounds like the same eye surgeries that my dad had for the same reason.

    We had a quiet evening last night too...so quiet that I fell asleep on the couch and didn't hear Warren come back from taking Jonathan to work and then I was worried about why he wasn't here when I woke up. I mentioned it to Chelsea after a while and she pointed out that he was here and had been. lol Too quiet, maybe.

  2. I will pray for your friend! HUGS to you and blessings on this Good Friday!

  3. I have one of those Tea Shop mysteries in the house. Brenda had recommended one for Nan who found them too challenging to read. Anywho... The little evenings without kids are great for reminding us that in some distant future, there'll be a time when it's just the two of you again. ☺ Right. It's practice.

    Yes, praying for Brenda today. Anytime something has to be re-done can be discouraging so praying for a good outcome that lasts.

  4. I love the concept of Camp Geezer, theme song and all! :D It is amazing, though, how family dynamics change each time one or another is missing...temporarily or permanently. When each of my older children got married or went to college, there was a great shifting of roles and responsibilities...some small, some big. It is interesting to me how that happens!

    Blessed Resurrection weekend to all of you!

  5. Ha Ha what a funny song! Sounds like he has a great sense of humor.

    Yes, saw Brenda had to have surgery again and praying she has a good outcome.


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